WW III for Dummies Forum

This forum is to discuss the issues and speculations raised by Undergrowth author "Ralf" in his latest dissertation -- "World War III for Dummies". A brief excerpt of the feature follows: The need for a comprehensive peoples movement against the warmongers has now moved beyond just the scope of ones own personal moral issues with the “War On Terror” and is fast becoming a desperately needed countering force if civilization itself is to survive. It appears that we are indeed dealing with madmen in the White House who are willing to risk the veneer of democracy, the entire economy and possibly whole countries – including those of their allies as they pursue their hegemonic goals and push the world to the brink -- and beyond – of World War III. With global warfare at perhaps the most pivotal moment in all of modern history, one must ask why the average person either doesn’t care or doesn’t have a clue. In a 21st century where the media plays a vital role in social engineering, many people may find it hard – or overwhelming -- to join the dots. Here then, is a regularly updated primer of current global conflicts, the political machinations behind them and speculation on where it’s all going that I call – World War III for Dummies… Full article at here