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The need for a comprehensive peoples movement against the warmongers has now moved beyond just the scope of ones own personal moral issues with the “War On Terror” and is fast becoming a desperately needed countering force if civilization itself is to survive. It appears that we are indeed dealing with madmen in the White House who are willing to risk the veneer of democracy, the entire economy and possibly whole countries – including those of their allies as they pursue their hegemonic goals and push the world to the brink -- and beyond – of World War III. With global warfare at perhaps the most pivotal moment in all of modern history, one must ask why the average person either doesn’t care or doesn’t have a clue. In a 21st century where the media plays a vital role in social engineering, many people may find it hard – or overwhelming -- to join the dots. Here then, is a regularly updated primer of current global conflicts, the political machinations behind them and speculation on where it’s all going that I call – World War III for Dummies…

The impending war with Iran is folly of the highest order and is indeed not something that someone of a sane mind would engage in. My sources in Washington, who are much closer to the heartbeat of this mess than we are down here, inform me that it appears that George Bush is currently on psychiatric drugs and his mental state is in question. This is not 100% confirmed, however given the sources that are suggesting this it is most likely factual. So this lends much more credence to the rumours that have been flying around of late that Dubya is in some way suffering mentally and is being medicated for it. It also may indicate that the rumours that he has fallen into a “Rapturist” evangelical Christian paradigm that leads him to believe he is in fact the Messiah, or at the least an instrument of the Messiah’s return, are not so far fetched after all. (1) Clearly this is a concern. While there are many around him who surely do most of the decision-making, the chain of command does stop with him. Over the high-stress decision making on whether or not to start World War Three, one cannot hope that he will be taking a rational approach to it.

Given how closely and blindly our current government is choosing to follow these men it means that any disaster that befalls them in this military adventure will in some way backwash onto us here in Australia. Indeed, one may ask who is more crazy -- the madman or the man who follows him? We need a social counter by the people for the people, and to have some sort of cultural jamming take place that can put the brakes on our involvement in this mess. We can’t stave off world war from here in Australia -- this will take peoples movements across the globe to stop -- but we can at least extricate ourselves from the frontline and demand that we distance ourselves from the aggressors, whose side we are currently on. History has shown -- from Napoleon’s France, Hitler’s Germany to the Soviet Union, that aggressor states tend to only meet calamity and their allies tend to be hurt by these calamities as well.

So where do the plans for this World War sit at present? It is of course, no accident that we return to this impasse during an election cycle back in the United States. This election will be held on November 7th. The earlier attempt to begin the war with Iran of course took place back in July. Some may argue it was Iran’s attempt to stave off the impending attack that was being openly talked about in Washington. Regardless of who started what though, a proxy war was fought in Lebanon, the Iranians backed Hezbollah and the US backed Israel. Though not widely reported here in our media in Australia, the US tried to use it as an excuse to spark a much wider war that would initially have seen Syria taking a hit, which would have allowed the US bombing of Iran to commence. (2) Thankfully, European diplomatic efforts in the United Nations were able to stave off this disaster. But now as the election looms it seems that “they” wish to bring us back to the brink.

The current elections in the US are what are known as the Mid-Term elections and are used to elect Congressmen and Senators to the two Houses of Congress, much like our Houses of Parliament here. Currently the Republicans control both houses. This coupled with the fact they also hold the White House has given them unprecedented power and scope to pursue their illegal actions. Again, it is a very similar situation to here in Australia where both houses are under control of the Howard Liberal party. This has been what has allowed the so-called Neo-Cons to pursue their agenda. The Neo-Cons are a neo-fascist group that have somehow overtaken the Republican Party and used it to unleash their horrors on the world. (3) Maintaining both houses of the Congress is extremely important for them to continue with their ‘work’.

Things, however, are not looking so good for them. They have had a string of bad poll data since the war in Lebanon and pressure has mounted on a number of fronts. Firstly, many within the military establishment who sense the doom that the impending war could bring have been desperately trying to remove Donald Rumsfeld. One General who has quit in disgust over the way things are heading even accused Donald Rumsfeld of waging a “secret war against Americans” in a public congressional hearing into the disaster in Iraq. (4) All this mounting pressure ended with a House of Representatives motion demanding Rumsfeld and co's resignation. It was, however, not binding and Rumsfeld has nonetheless refused to resign, even though many non Neo-Con Republican congressmen are also now calling for his resignation. (5)

This was coupled with a growing movement among Democrats to call for Bush’s impeachment. (6) It seems highly likely that if the Democrats can win enough seats to regain control of one of the Houses in Congress they will indeed push through the impeachment papers against Bush. This will be a truly momentous historical moment if this goes ahead. Clinton was impeached for lying but it was over such a trivial matter as not telling the truth about receiving oral sex while at work. Bush on the other hand will be impeached for a number of very serious charges. It may even see some of the 9/11 Truth Movements claims being included. (7) They believe that a cabal within the US Government had some sort of role in the attacks of 9/11, and if this were to happen it would be MASSIVE. Regardless of what they get him on in the end it does look like Democrats winning a number of seats will be a sure ticket to an impeachment circus. One can only pray. It will be interesting to see how this will then affect all the countries that have followed him into his wars. A political backlash will surely have to occur for any leaders who have tied themselves unapologetically and closely to Bush over the past years.

In the face of all this mounting pressure one of the Neo-Cons front men, Karl Rove, began in September to warn of an “October Surprise” being prepared by the Neo-Cons to keep the election going their way. (8) Because American elections usually take place in November the concept of an October Surprise has become an entrenched part of the American political landscape. They can range from personal scandals involving politicians to major international crises happening ‘just in time’ for the election. Usually they are just that -- a surprise. So for someone to be brazenly announcing that one is in the offing is unusual to be sure. This was followed up by Neo-Con publications and was reported in the mainstream press as he continued to announce that this was the case. Many could assume that as he was so openly discussing it this in itself was the ‘surprise’ -- some sort of bluffing to psyche out the opponents. But given the way the cards are stacked now in the US one can not blindly hope that they would not be so crazy as to do something serious.

Indeed as September drew to a close the rumour mill was already seriously buzzing that the ‘surprise’ was going to be a pre-emptive attack on Iran -- the very same insanity that had been staved off earlier in the year. It became more than just a rumour and serious possibility when Time Magazine published their front page article “War With Iran: What Will It Look Like?”.(9) In this article it was announced that a number of ships had been put on standby and told to prepare to sail for the coast of Iran. These included minesweepers, mine hunters, submarines and an Aegis class cruiser. As it stated in the Time article: “a deployment of minesweepers to the west coast of Iran would seem to suggest that a much discussed--but until now largely theoretical--prospect has become real: that the U.S. may be preparing for war with Iran”. So it seems that we are once more at the brink.

A desperate rear guard action seems to have been launched back in the US to try and ensure that the Democrats do well in the election. A Democratic “October Surprise” if you will. This involved the revelations of the favourite of politics -- a good old-fashioned sex scandal. It involved a Republican Congressman and the Republicans around him who covered it up. The “Foley Scandal”, as it is known, is now raging and will hopefully claim scalps. (10) Indeed, in the polls it does seem to be going the Democrats way now. I guess the assumption is that a Democratically held Congress would deny Bush the legal means to launch his attack. The problem lies in the fact that this may, in fact, cause him to launch his attack prior to the election as the rumours supposed he might.

So that is the political backdrop in Washington that is driving the war at the moment. As for the consequences of the war, they are reverberating across the world now in a frightening fashion. This is why it is imperative for the people to attempt some sort of anti-war movement that is of a large enough scale to have impact. At the least, we need to raise awareness amongst everyone of what is being proposed. Our media in Australia has somehow been ignoring one of the more momentous years in the history of Western civilisation and retreated to some bizarre insular local focus. Aside from ABC and SBS the main news disseminators are doing very little to discuss what is at hand. Britain and the US however, are not hiding it from their people at all. It is very bizarre.

The current quagmire threatens to stretch from the horn of Africa all the way to the Korean peninsula. Even if it was initially just scare mongering for their own domestic uses, the Neo-Cons harping about a World War Three seems to tragically be coming true. Given that our media has completely flipped out and seems to be pretending it is not going on, independent media must fill the void. It’s time for the people of the world to wake up and take action, before the nightmare of WW3 becomes a reality.

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