Without Grace by Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra

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Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra

Funk, junk, circus, rock with everything from punk to gypsy in between, Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra create an infectious sound of old-world grooves. Coupled with head-high Tackle-lyrics delivered in an uncompromising Australian pirate-roar, this collection of anachronistic political themes and the little things in life have drawn an ever increasing cult following hooked on the addictive music and the unpredictable nature of their stage shows.

The six-piece outfit was collected by the enigmatic front-man Martin Martini from off the streets of Melbourne and includes Peter Burgess on Tuba, James Macaulay on trombone, Arron Light on drums, Sam Dunscombe on Clarinet, Xani Kolac on violin and Martin Martini as the wailing and moaning master of ceremonies on keyboard.

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