"What Are We?" by Tim Parish

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what are we?
amoeba tree
sweet fruit ripening
skeleton seed
i am i is you is we
broken through the endless see
but what are you, if you is me?
just remember to breathe...

the Word is a shattering silence
heartbeat a bullet beat
perception drunken in the street
behind the wheel of your body's meat
each moment a temple of colour
broken light shining through
channel waves of changing hue
dawn to dusk, the sun to moon,
this earth a circus playing field
of reptiles, mammals, insects and jewels
visionary thieves, lovers and hateful merchants too
mystics which become martyrs on the altar of elders
dying from the moment
born for the chosen
living in the limbo
inbetween we ask
the question
what are we?
more and more and more is law
of time and space
you choose, your will
the lover or the whore
they say
but who are they?
the ones who started all the trouble skin
the ones who broke all the rulemongers grin
the ones who corrupted the mythmakers kin
who whispered the silent night selfish sin
eclipsed in the moonshadow envy
making excuses for men and
excuse me
what are we?

DNA blinking binary
tides rising with brides of the shaman
burnt by the desert second sight
clear eyes see invisible thirst
touching the minds third eye flight
petals open toward the christened sun
buddha nature endangered species every one
krishna summoned in tongues wagging
tempting one god alien
taunting fingers in everything
google powerbook and
illegal plant medicine
wizards tamed by reason
witches enflamed, sexual treason
the law, the dollar, electricity, spaceships,
all of your dreams have already come true
and the nightmares are always waiting for you
so pin all your hope streets on the end of the world
cosmic dates which break the banks in 2012
native clocks wound back to the start of time
start again, every second in rhyme
start again, you are the first breath of mind
beat of heart
touch of skin
thought of blood
flowing river
city flood
empty street
crumbling tower
broken concrete
impotent power
the seeds are for planting
water is money now
gold is a toy soldier
hunger seeks joy.
but still
 what are we?
and why are you still unsure?
so fat with excuses for why you can't rise;
because they own everything
because history happened
the demons wrote it down
because money is evil
because matter is bad
because spirit is drunken
because war is a reptile
the crucified wise
yes - they stole him from you
and he never even existed
you are her dreams waiting to become
she is your child waiting to be born
the foetus is everyone,
unpainted with ego
we are seduced by masks, mirrors and money
power is a mutant, evolving skin of the earth
robots and clones  fucking televisions give birth
to aliens and celebrities killing for ratings
but no one listens loudly in this democracy
nothing needs to make sense
but you want it to dont you?
connect the dot dot dot
whoever you are
or forever who are you?
They say language stole the sky from blue
made colourwheels and names of me and true
the green man is waking
the blue man is dancing
the pink man is unwed
the yellow man scared
the white man knows nothing
the black man knows pain
the women are speaking, so shut up, listen and pray
shades of  skin passport
curves for dollars buy
flesh for eyes
lips for greed
genital pride
angel monkey




a kiss
a smile

what are we?