West End Street Art

"WEST END STREET ART" is a new full colour book by photographer Paul Rollo documenting twelve of the main street artists currently painting Brisbane's town the colour of imagination. Undergrowth is proud to feature an excerpt of work from the new book.

From the introduction:

"West End Street Art is a sign of a creative community. As I walked each day I found myself more and more distracted. Images leapt out at me from street poles and backs of street signs. Some cute, interesting others with a more political edge or reflecting current events . The more I looked and eventually photographed the more I found.

There is a generosity to street art. Street art entertains, makes us think, helps us connect.

This book presents a variety of West End Street Authors from 2007. Street Art is a reflection of the community’s consciousness. My aim is to document this amazing work and hopefully see it enjoyed by a wider audience. Street Art can be a fragile thing. Some works that take so much time and thought are there for only a short time. "


“... integrate art and the community, enabling creative revolution.” - SnM

“Shut the fuck up and draw” - Shida


West End Street Art is available thrugh the artist at $45 a copy, including postage. Contact Paul at rollo.paul@gmail.com for more information.



all photos copyright Paul Rollo.