website bugs

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"add comment" to this forum topic and post any new bugs that you find in the undergrowth site, so's we can hun 'em down and squash 'em. yeah?

Left hand column

the major feedback from dozens of people has been that they can't easily read the black text against the background image on the left column... Is there anyway to highlight the text, OR create boxes around each module/text that pops up on the left to make it more readable...? cheers dr r
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styling goes wack when comments are posted

yeah, when I post a comment, the content preview in the top left corner goes all squichy. fix it, tim.


sorry dan, ill have to handball that on to our web designer who was last seen at a tranvestite puppet show sommwhere in thailand.. but a good thing to fix indeed/

attachment filenames with spaces

heya, I've downloaded the e-books and the two which have spaces in their filenames don't save as the proper filename - they truncate at the first space. is it possible to remove the spaces for file attachments. I'm using a windows xp machine and it gets upset or the pdf save as does. 


attachments on : 



have the problem.


I can fix these if that's cool. I'll just need to reupload the file after renaming it.

mac's probably don't get as upset as the windows boxes do




the site looks great

the site looks great btw!

would it be worth adding a couple of links to the content pages in the menus or sidebar for those who drift away from the index page?

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More Monkeys, more bugs

i think what this site needs is more monkeys. and the only way to have more monkeys is to have more bugs. so i think we need more bugs

ps: do they have monkeys in canada? i think i'll ask alex nay