WAI June issue


The June issue is out and on the streets around the country. From illegal forest operations in Indonesia and PNG to irragiating the Midlands of Tasmania; from artists run intiatives in old shopfronts in Newcastle to community weekends in Melbourne; from reflections on those fighting against the expansion of the uranium industry in SA and NT to the latest paternalistic Indigenous policy in the NT all this and more can be read in the June issue of Wai. Wai also contains the usual campiagn updates, news section and in this issue the first of an ongoing series about worldwide community projects that are re-empowering peoples lives.

For more information or to help with the next issue of Wai, which is due out in September, you can visit us at www.waiquarterly.wordpress.com or send an email to us at waiquarterly.wordpress.com.

The June issue of Wai can be downloaded at the website as well as here.

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