Visionary Activators

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These video interviews with 'Visionary Activators' Shane Huebner and Margaret Cross were first screened on Channel 31's Vision program. Shane and Margaret come from ordinary backgrounds and have been drawn to a number of healing modalities in their travels across North and South America, relearning the wisdom tradtions of those cultures. Now they practise and teach body and spirit work and Wisdom Teachings in their shamanistic ceremonies and are also raising consciousness about paradigm change and re-connection to the planet. As part of this they also teach Common Law classes to empower individuals and activists as part of a Gaian Spiritual Warrior programme that marries activism and entheogenic awareness.

It has often been said that as Western culture struggles to rebalance its psyche tribal elders are needed to help teach the old ways and make them gel with modern needs, and Shane and Margaret are definitely helping fill that role. Make no mistake – if the language of New Age psychobabble turns you off then these are the teachers for you. They mix a no-nonsense approach to spirituality and community empowerment that is direct, practical and effective.

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