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VERB STUDIOS SHOWREEL from Verb Studios on Vimeo.


A short collection of excerpts from short films, music videos and video art I have produced in the last ten years.

Featuring video excerpts from:
The Muse
The Shape of My Tongue
Know Where You Are
Dogs of Rotterdam
Off The Ground
Sustainable Living Festival 2008
Natural Intelligence
Arnhem Journey
Spaceship Earth
The Visitor
Spactime Machines DVD
Life On Mars
Landscape Painting
The Tempest

'In Extremis' by Frank Reggio (Spoonbill remix)

Thanks to Omelette Records

All films produced, directed and edited by Tim Parish

Additional Credits
'Telestreets' co-produced by Andrew Lowenthal
'Off The Ground' videography by Jim Batts

Copyright Verb Studios 2010