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Pip Starr
Homepage: http://www.starr.tv
About: Film maker. Activist.
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Carteret Islands by Pip Starr


The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history. They will not be the first people to lose their homes because of global warming. Rising seas, expanding deserts and changing weather have already displaced many, possibly millions of people. But the people of the Carterets are unique, as they will be the first to see their atoll, 6 small islands 100 km form Bougainville, completely submerged. They will begin to desert their islands in early 2007.
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Through The Wire by Pip Starr

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Through The Wire gif In March 2002, detainees of Australia's Woomera detention centre staged a mass breakout in a spontaneous and desperate bid for freedom. Aided by hundreds of committed social activists protesting Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in mandatory detention, the breakout captured the attention and interest of human rights groups around the globe.

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A Certain Point

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A Certain Point gif A Certain Point (2003) A playful portrait of the bicycle protest Critical Mass in the streets of Melbourne in 2003. Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride through the city to draw attention to the domination of the car and pollution they cause in our urban environments. It offers a creative solution to city transport and encourages more people to ride bikes.