Terra Poetica

Terra Poetica

#3 Simulacrum

#3 SimulacrumIssue #3 cover

Issue #1: Seed

Issue #1: Seed


circus1998, Darwin oil on canvas inspired by the poincianna treesof my hometown

Issue 8: Science Factions

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Ever feel like you're living in one huge on going science fiction novel with robots and virtual reality and spaceships and big brother and soma and clones empires striking back and eco-utopias hidden around every corner? Welcome to science factions - a compendium of non-fiction anecdotes about the world we live in, which could be straight out of a sci-fi author's mind - but it's real. A user's guide to the future for those who are living in the past. This space is a working wiki to add your contribution, edit, and add pics in preparation for compilation into the next issue of Undergrowth #6 - Science Factions, due for publication in March, 2006. Log:missing apostrophes


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nomadology nomadology is an ongoing travelling blog by Undergrowth creators, but it is more than that. It is a cartographic process told not by maps of subjugated territory, but by tales of people encountered, and experiences shared.

From the gypsy circuits of festival culture to global horizons via airplane, Nomadology tells the story of hitchhikers catching the wind on the open road and adventurers recording stories and learning about the land around them.

The Tree > by Lou Smith

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The Tree > by Lou Smith