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Travel song

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It reminds you

of those adolescent hobo

ways of seeing

to make meaning.


That traveling

breaks white ceilings

This year,

when the sanctuary box locks

out feeling.

That road ,

thumb stretched

out on seering trails,

of jungle crossed

with rocky modes.


I scream out of the bedroom

take that chapter out of Keroauc

Lean into the bitumen of sweat

and flies with an attack

of this disguise of bohemian pride

that hitchiked a ride

with guy contemplating suicide.


For he said in a toyota

"White collar made me today"

Contrasted to that zoom

of eucalypt past his lip

forgotten like a wisp

of mirage and radiator hiss.


In the distance

a speck of intransit resistance.

Graffiti on a sign yellin to the wedgies

"Next 2 million years'.

Another insistence

of that remarkable message that cleaves

through the cyan expanse of the sky.


That solitude of science

with the moment

send this pack ,

of my own eyes

back to words ,

and the ants of the red dirt.

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From Ground Level the intricate networks perch on the edge, about to lurch forward as they cower to go back to the safety harness of resolved earth and tao like mirth we capitualte in this ever enflowering deteriment , circulated by own machines made from mind produce, fodder fed then falling with the thud of forgotten where there once soil that could of smothered the impact nothing more than the asunder clearfell of the diesel wind to stay enchanted with the miraculous biology kept the sane away from the edge, 'i didnt want to know no binary code' becomes an edifice not artifice, kernels of seeds plow the architecture strategy their timely crawl into the episteme. where the dialogue ramifications meme ripples tantalise thought to the fore profound its mind is chemical nature half skeletal air vapours , toungues of ferns moss cathedrals of rhizome caves in siesta feasting the last great orgy of the senses with tentative steps sinew its own horticultural plenitude ~ words by sam hoffman ~ image by rachel peachey