erinsbourough exploits



Erinsbourogh exploits episode 16, July 2007


Everyone needs good neighbours, especially ones you can talk to about amnesia, indigenous affairs and the injustice over both the northern territory policy and the Palm Island Inquiry. And they are the nieghbours you get in Erinsborough exploits. The neighbours we all know and love talking about the issues we all should be discussing. Copies of Erinsborough Exploits can be picked up at Sticky, look out for the next issue.

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ZONE ONE by Tom Civil


ZONE ONE cover


"Night Falls
the walls of the city
speak of people who
are not from here
who are from elsewhere
from another night."

ZONE ONE is 'a PRO- active city project supporting the underground network of alternative communication' edited and designed by Melbourne street artist and artist/designer Tom Civil.  It is an eclectic collage of poems, essays, stencil art, photography and experimental design in a sixteen page newspaper format, free for download.

More work from Tom Civil and Breakdown Press can be found at www.breakdownpress.org, which includes a wide selection of posters, zines, stickers and postcards.

For further email enquires email: info(a)breakdownpress.org

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Zines are an integral and important part of the counter-culture of any society. Anarchic in spirit and frenetic with energy, they are little journeys into the bedrooms, back yards and offices spaces of the evolving post-modern world in which live. They are more than that as well. In Mexico zines are one of many techniques that the Zapatistas have used to spread and bring attention to their struggle. In Russia their zine equivalent, the samizdat, was used to spread underground stories and tales of spying around the country . Each samizdat was printed in a handful of copies with the receiver of a copy expected to duplicate their copy, thus spreading the protest stories and oppression quickly and stealthily through the country.

As this site shows, not all zines are as overtly political as the Zapatista’s handbooks or the Russian samizdat. And not all zines are cemented in the cut n paste ethos of the punk scene. Zines can be artist books; small hand-crafted works of beauty printed in runs of ten, twenty, fifty, or one. Zines can come in envelopes, as postcards, in a fold-out map that can be used as a board game, or even in a cup, as I have seen myself. They can be essay writing, fiction, comics, prose and photo collages, montages, letters to friends, complete fabricated stories or completely political pieces.

And that is what this site Zine.undergrowth is – a curation of the best zines from around Australia for your visual and mind pleasure.

Each zine included here has a replica of its front cover, a sample of the work itself and contact details for the creator(s). There are also coming features on Octapod, highlighting the zine library that the crew up there in Newcastle have collected over the past decade, and a short piece on Sticky based here in Melbourne the place from which one can start building their own little zine collection.

Remember keep creating those little nodes of visual engagement!

To contact the Undergrowth zine editor, email: zines(a)undergrowth.org



In april 2007 Joel Catchlove travelled to Mali to attend the World Forum on Food Soveriegnty at Nyelena. The following is a zine of his experience at the World Forum and as a toruist in Mali. Interspersed amongst the travel stories and reportage are interviews with food soverignty activists from Spain, recipes  for Malian dishes and phrases of bambara. If you are interested in getting a copy of mali you can get in touch contact with Joe at madhorsemenofmarekesh@hotmail.com.

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little five


Little is a zine produced by joanna coltman. Little is little; a small A6 pocket size zine. The zine itself is a collection of quotes, short stories, pictures and sculptures. The following pages are all from issue 5 which was first released in Janurary of 2006. If you are interested in getting a copy you can contact joanna at littlezine@hotmail.com or you can check out her website at www.janita.com.au.

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here,there, everywhere

Here, There, Everywhere was a zine produced for a DIYhousegig. It was produced for a gig took place at an abandonded Milkbar on November 5th and 6th 2005. The extract below is written by EmiLy about the G8 summit in Gleneagles July 2005. DIYHousegigs still exist (although they have not produced anymore zines) and have a website at www.diyhousegigs.org. The rest of the zine can be found there.


governor general

scrapbook to somewhere

Scrapbook to Somewhere is a zine published by breakdown press. Released in 2004 the zine is now out of stock. The extract below is written by Kate Fox and is an extract from her thesis, the drawing is the work of Mandy Ord. 






speak easy

speak easy.

speak easy was a zine that existed for four issues throughout 2003-4.

each issue of the zine was a collection of essay, fictions and drawing.

the following pages are extracted from issue#4: the gardening issue.

if you would like a copy of the zine you can contact speak easy at: 


Black Snuff

Author Scott

Publicstion Date


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