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Dreamspheres workshop 1

Photos from the Dreamspheres workshop at Irenes Community Art Warehouse in East Brunswick. (click on images to see full size). Workshops held every sunday 10am - 4pm, 5 Pitt St.

workshop 3

workshop 3test construction of dome 1 design with smaller prototype optic cable dome at irenes warehouse.

Workshop 2

Workshop 2Aaron holding up the roof of the first dome for the Dreamspheres project at the Irene's Warehouse workshop.

The Dreamspheres Project

Presented by the Melbourne Environmental Arts Festival Collective Dreamspheres will be a living breathing geodesic dome city filled artist’s installations, sound scapes, animation sets and sculptural works. It will be a land mark event of the Sustainable Living Festival , Feburary 16-19 2007. With imagination as the key to creating a sustainable future, the artist of Dreamspheres will weave their own stories and dreamings about caring for our planet. It will invite you into a place of contemplation and reflection and ground your feet, asking you to question; how does sustainability impact your life and what do you envision for the future? By exhibiting works within these harmonious spheres which symbolize our precious earth, we intend to dream up a fresh landscape within which to create a sustainable future. CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Jessica Felix, Aaron Shipperlee, Antonia Green, Kristian Mumford, Loui Daniels, Michael Chew, Marcel Feillafe, Trina, Andrew Hutson. For more information contact Check out the MEAF Dreamspheres Blog to follow the development of this project.