RAP NEWS Episode 2 > Obama Bombs Moon, wins Nobel Peace Prize > with Hugo 1

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The second episode of Rap News covers the fallout from the now infamous NASA Moon Bomb on October 9th, the very same day on which the Nobel Committee awarded US President Barack Obama the 2009 'War is Peace' Prize. Is it justified? Is it premature or plain immature? And what will the Moon say?! Was this a prize for peace-making or for making war look like peace, something Bush was not able to do? And why do we even care what these Norwegian guys do. All this, and more, in this latest report with Robert Foster on ~JuiceMedia's Rap News.

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NASA Moon Bombing > Juice News with Hugo 1

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On October 9th, the Earth will carry out its first attack on a neighbouring celestial body by bombing the moon the name of SCIENCE! Is this a worthy experiment to aid the human race with its energy and water crisis, or a crass attempt to save money and perpetuate humankind's brutal behaviour (or an NWO NASA Roswell Illuminati conspiracy?)

Explore the issues with Juice Media's RAP NEWS featuring Hugo 1.

"Dance, Omega!" > by Hugo 1

Omega is the symbol of resistance in electronics, so it seems a fitting symbol for the electric age we live in. From evolutionary science to rhyming the zeitgeist, Hugo 1  has been spinning freestyles around Melbourne since arriving from the UK in 2007. At any concert you might hear his spitfire philosophies on anything from schrodinger's cat to deconstructions of conspiracy theory or calls to spiritual liberation. 

Dance, Omega! is  title track of his latest EP release now available.

For more information check out: hugo1love