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Roadtrip through Western Pamirs, Tajikistan

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The Tajikistan Pamirs are an incredibly remote part of the world. To get there you either need to drive for 16 hours (sometimes 20) from Dushanbe (Tajikistan's capital city), on a road that makes a milkshake seem tame or you can take a tiny plane that doesn’t quite get up above 6000m cliff faces. Despite the horror stories, the flight was worth it. Looking out the window to the south, the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan was clearly visible and at times too close!

After notably fuelling the car in Khorog for our 600km journey, we took off South towards the Wakhan Valley. This fertile valley has been inhabited and used as a Silk road trade route for centuries and is littered with archaeological markers. Age old petroglyphs, 3rd century BC Forts, Buddhist stupas and hermit caves, Islamic mausoleums, and burnt out army tanks document the valley’s colourful history.

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Repinted from Travellers Teacup blog by Citt Williams

Art by Arpitam 


An undercurrent and thought provoking keynote from Rop Gonggrijp who opened the annual Berlin hackers event, Chaos Computer Club in a sold-out Congress Center 27/12/10

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MEMORIAL by Citt Williams

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Memorial With subtle, quiet accuracy, this film conveys the secret history of Aboriginal massacre sites in Brisbane QLD Australia. Ghosts haunting the streetscape just under the bitumen surface. Director: Citt Williams Producer: Citt Williams Sound Editor - T'Fer Newsome Titles Design - Joanne McIntyre