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2CE and me part 2

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that night was nothing like i was expecting at all.

it started out pretty disheveled.
5 powerfull, stubborn minds trying to get into the same frequency to get everything together.
i took my dose around 6pm
with everyone else.
i left all technology behind before we left my house to adventure my backyard.
i live in the middle of nowhere.
my backyard is about 10 acres+a mountain.
the appalation trail runs through this mountain.
we were planning on climbing the mountain all week.

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2ce and me

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Today I am going on a spiritual adventure-

My plan is to do my research about it now. below i am going to type up some of the information.....and later on i am going to conclude my own description of the drug.

right away i get the picture that this drug isnt for people to just mess around with.
it is meant for spiritual awakening.
a change in perception.
those who are not experienced with psychedelics and who do not have a full understanding for the spiritual world would not get any benefit from this drug.