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Tim Parish

Tim Parish is the art director and co-editor of, which he founded with Rak Razam in 2004. He is a cross media artist, working in video art, painting, illustration, writing, and graphic design. His films have been screened in festivals around the planet, as well as widely distributed freely through Indymedia channels and the internet. He regularly exhibits his paintings and prints his writing through the Undergrowth books and magazines, and has a regular blog on Nomadology, a collective portal for gypsy tales and literary ruminations on the nature of travel. He has also worked as a film curator for many festivals and conferences. He is writing about himself in the third person right now, and it feels really wierd. In his own words:

I like to play with words, colours, molecules, and pixels.

Check out my blog on Nomadology.


Selected Group Exhibitions/ Film Screenings

2008 'The Tempest' screening,  Fistful of Films - Darwin Festival

2008, 'The World Tree' Open Studio, Melbourne

2007, 'Visions of MU' solo exhibition, Otto Manzheim Gallery, Tokyo

2006 'Nomadology' photo exhibtion and book launchNational Young Writers Festival/THIS IS NOT ART, Newcastle NSW

2006, 'Random Molecules' exhibition and book launch, Kick Gallery, Melbourne

2005, ‘Free Speech TV’ Indymedia Newsreal, USA

2005, ‘Zemos98’, Sevilla, Spain

2005 'OK Video Festival' Jakarta National Galllery, Indonesia

2004, ‘Straight Out of Brisbane’, Brisbane Australia

2004, ‘Kiss My After Effects’, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australia

2004 ‘Transmediale’, Berlin, Germany

2004 ‘Snapshots of the Resolution’ – electrofringe 2004, Newcastle Australia

2003/04 Oceania Indymedia Newsreal 1 & 2 – / web project, various international screenings 2003,

2004 Sustainable Living Festival, ACMI/Federation Square, Melbourne, Aus.

2003 ‘Docomania’ – Auckland, New Zealand

2003 ‘Wild Spaces Film Festival’ –Australia Wide

2002, 2003 - Access News (Community Television Producer), Melbourne, Aus


Selected Work - Volunteer & Professional:

2002 Producer at SKA TV's Access News for Channel 31 Melbourne

2003, 2004 Curator of 'Resolution' program for Electrofringe and Straight Out of Brisbane Festivals

2004, 2005, 2006 Video Producer for Sustainable Living Festival

2003, 2004 Designer and Guest Editor of Chain Reaction - the national publication of Friends of the Earth Australia.

2005 Multimedia Officer for the NT Open Education Centre,

2004 - present.Art Director and Co-Editor of

2006 - co-editor/designer Nomadology anthology.


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TIME WAITS > Written and Directed by Timothy Parish > Verb Studios

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"Hell doesn't want me, and heaven is full..."
Nirvana; the bar at the end of the world and an offer that can't be refused.

A short film inspired by the lyrics of musician, Tom Waits.

Written and Directed by Tim(e) Parish
Camera by Joshua Muirhead

Produced by Verb Studios

Rob Hoad as Waits
Quito Washington as Diablo
Mim D'abbs as Angel

Best Screenplay & Best Actor
Fist Full of Films 2009 

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Like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed. I drew with a stick on the sand the diagrams of my motor. A thousand secrets of nature which I might have stumbled upon accidentally I would have given for that one which I had wrestled from her against all odds and at the peril of my existence.

- Nikola Tesla

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FIAT LUX > evolutonary vision > words by HUGO >video by VERB

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Epic conscious rap and video which follows the beginning of the universe from big bang to evolution of life and the creative instinct that sparks eternal.

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Verb Studio Showreel > by Tim Parish

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TEMPLE VISIONS > interview with Jimmy Bleyer> by Tim Parish

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'The Shaman' by Amanda Sage



Image: The Shaman, by Amanda Sage

Deep within the concrete heart of downtown Los Angeles, I recently met Jimmy Bleyer, a wizard in the form of an art curator who is behind the Temple Of Visions, a new multi-arts space that opened January 9th. It will be the first gallery dedicated totally to the emerging contemporary Visionary Art culture here in the City of Angels.

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Unthreading The Self > by Tim Parish

'Unthreading The Self' by Tim Parish

Oaxaca, Mexico Oct 2009


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Editor - "Retardis" > visuals by Verb Studios

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'Energy = Spirit' painting

'Energy = Spirit' painting


"Energy = Spirit"

by Tim Parish

oil on canvas



"science doubts

religion believes

but who knows?"


(based on the sketch of the same name).

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This City Speaks To Me > street poetry by Si > video by Verb

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Reunion > by Tim Parish

Reunion > by Tim Parish

"Reunion" was a originally a pencil illustration I completed in early 2005 very soon after studying the Vipassana meditation technique in the Blue Mountains.

Below is a blog I wrote for Undergrowth's Nomadology project about the experience:

"Journeys Inward"  2005