Universal Inna by Organic Intelekt

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Brainstems Organic Intelekt formed in 2004 after late night free-style sessions of 3 oclock Bogey and Rojo D over home-made sampled beats. Tracks came together from these sessions and the pair soon enlisted a bassist, pianist and DJ for some live gigs in Nth. Melbourne. Though now a well rehearsed live band, the format was always intended to replicate the sound of spacious loops in sample based music, as opposed to a busy funk-hiphop crossover. The grooves are kinda jazzy-somewhere between A Tribe Called Quest and Portishead, with vocals that are switched on yet cheeky. The boys have been playing on bills from Fitzroy to St. Kilda, with great DJ's and other live acts, and intend to become part of Melbourne's hiphop furniture. Members are 3OB-vocals, melodica Dub Ninja (formerly Rojo D) drums Gansta- keys DJ Heptune-cuts, samples Mark E- upright bass