Undergrowth Projects for 2006

" Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality." Andre Breton - The Surrealist Manifesto Undergrowth is a space for us to concoct new paradigms, manifestations of the revolution, sonnets to chaos, love letters to the moon, temporary autonomous interzones, alchemical collaborations between creative kindreds, manifestos of whimsy, whimsical monuments to the moment. This forum is a place to post ideas for collective projects, which may or may not manifest under the Undergrowth banner. The point is not in the branding, but in the fostering of creation. If you are seeking co-conspirators, here is the place to conspire. It's the digital cafe at the end of the world, serving expresso to help plot the next revolutionary art movement, to craft poetry that will shift consciousness, or just to jam. In this spirit, we want to open up our next year of projects to the community. If you are interested in any of the projects outlined below contact Tim Parish, the Art Director at art@undergrowth.org or post your suggestions and comments on this site. It is possible that not all of these projects will take place this year, but that kind of depends on the critical mass behind them. We're just putting them out there so we can see who bites. Throwing it to the wind to see which are spears and which are boomerangs... yo? You are most welcome to join in, or to submit material not on these topics but on the Undergrowth vibe to the Features section
on an ongoing basis. Nomadology This will be an upcoming e-Book and limited print book edition by the Undergrowth collective, collating a selection of stories and photography from the Nomadology
blog project. Deadline for this collection is the 6th of January 2006, exactly one year after the site was launched. Nomadology will continue on indefinitely as a website, as long as we are all alive and kicking the stagnation of the static. But, Ozco didn't fund us to just to blog the world away. Books are tangible materialisations of our thoughts. This time we'll be shopping around for publishers - so if you are a publisher, or want to contribute to Nomadology, contact us. We'd love to share the journey with you. RANDOM MOLECULES is an upcoming issue of Undergrowth Magazine, where the theme is chaos and order. From the quantum to cosmic, science shamans to chaos magik, political powerplays to psychedelic activism, free radicals and spiritual anarchism - what are the random molecular patterns in the universe? Basically we wish to throw the deck of cards in the wind and see where they land. We are seeking contributions of art, photography, creative writing, jourrnalism, video, music ; you get the idea... nothing is forbiddden everything is permitted... Random Molecules is the first issue of the Undergrowth magazine we will produce using the possibilities of our new sites open publishing abilities, so there is no dealdine per se. Accepted material will be immediately published live on the Undergrowth site and collected in a full colour limited edition thanks to the support of sponsors: www.grownfuel.com . A selection of work will also be invited to exhibit as part of a Random Molecules Exhibition in April/May. Now accepting contributions to Undergrowth #6 -Random Molecules contact: editorial@undergrowth.org ~ art: art@undergrowth.org ~ contribute@undergrowth.org {Lets Play} Science Factions Ever feel like you're living in one huge on going science fiction novel with robots and virtual reality and spaceships and big brother and soma and clones empires striking back and eco-utopias hidden around every corner? Welcome to Science Factions - a compendium of non-fiction anecdotes about the world we live in, which could be straight out of a sci-fi author's mind - but it's real. A user's guide to the future for those who are living in the past. An upcoming special issue of Undergrowth Magazine in early 2006... Another World is Happening Based on the documentary project from 2003, AWIH will be a sister site to the Undergrowth website, but one specifically focused on sustainability ideas and manifestations. It will be a cross-media project intent on collecting, discussing and promoting revolutionary concepts based on sustainability, with video documentary, articles, e-books, interviews and a whole lot imagineering. We want to utilise the networking facilities that the web community allows to facilitate and promote the cross-pollination of new thought and imagination on the topic of sustainability. AWIH will be a repository of inspiring, inventive and paradigm shifting ideas which are already happening throughout the world. We believe that one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting a sustainable society is that the ideas and examples are all around us, but the nature of the media and its focus on the negative, the lack of coherent ongoing coverage and the atomised, disconnected mentality all contribute to the prevailing attitude that it is all too big to change... Fuck that. Let's connect the dots. Geomancy Put simply, Geomancy is the ancient Chinese name for Earth Magic. This will be a new DVD collection of short films, animations and documentary focusing on the relationship to land. Different to the Resolution project, Geomancy is less an overtly political project and much more focusing on artistic exploration of the medium of the motion pixel and the Earth in which we live. We want landscape paintings in DV, poetic meditations on atmospheric phenomena, bushcraft rituals and movie spells. To inquire contact art@undergrowth.org Send submissions to: Undergrowth HQ 37 Thomson St, Northcote, VIC 3070 More soon...