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the nomadology project


“Here we go, kids. Breathe in a lungful of petrol fumes and take flight, high on fossil fuels.
Scatter now, travel is cheap - but it won’t be forever.
What if we are the last airborne generation?”

Crossing from the personal to the political, local to the global, Nomadology is an anthology of anecdotes, gonzo journalism, personal confessions and political reflections by digital gypsies on the nature of travel in a globalised world. Nomadology features unconventional travel stories with a consciousness that taps into a generation of young travellers seeking something more than the tourism circuits promoted by generic guidebooks and package holidays. From the central Australian desert to the red light districts of New Delhi, hitch-hiking across the USA with a pyromaniac gulf-war veteran to body-bagging in Thailand after the tsunami, or meeting the discoverer of LSD in Switzerland on his one hundredth birthday, the tales in Nomadology explore the world in a unique, yet personal way. What unites the stories is the question of what travel means in a globalised world. What is the connection between the modern backpacker and the philosophy of the nomad in traditional cultures, and how do we trascend the barriers of culture and connect with the places we are travelling through.

Project History:
The Nomadology Book is the result of 18 months of writing through Undergrowth’s Nomadology website created with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts which employs blogging software that allows contributors to post coordinates of where and when they are writing their stories from. It was edited and designed, Tim Parish, writer, video artist and founder of Undergrowth.org and Nicolas Low, an English Literature Post Gradute student at Melbourne University and designer of the Nomadology site . The contributors to the book range from activists to artists, teachers to journalists, amateur shamans to itinerant performers.


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UNDERGROWTH.ORG is proud to partner with THE SUSTAINABLE LIVING FESTIVAL for the second annual Transitions Film Festival, Australia’s largest solutions-focused sustainability film event from the 15th to the 23rd of February inMelbourne, Autralia.

 After 12 months of scouring the globe for the most inspirational cutting-edge sustainability documentaries, we are proud to present the 2013 festival program, featuring an amazing line-up of films including Matt Damon's Promised Land, The Sundance Institute's A Fierce Green Fire and the highly anticipated Chasing Ice. The festival will run from the 15th to the 23rd of February, 2013 at Federation Square, ACMI and Cinema Nova showcasing 6 national premieres, 15 feature films and documentaries and over two dozen short films.

AYA: AWAKENINGS > Australian screening tour 2013

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 AYA: Awakenings is a narrative documentary into the world and visions of ayahuasca shamanism, adapted from the cult book 'Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey' by Rak Razam. By blending narration directly from the book with video footage, interviews with practicing curanderos, samples of traditional icaros or magic songs, photographs and cutting edge special effects, Aya: Awakenings reproduces the inner landscape of the visionary state in unprecedented detail, invoking a spiritual awakening in the viewer.

SYREN "A FEATHER TO THE SEA" EP LAUNCH @ Gertrudes Brown Couch 26th Oct 2012

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Undergrowth.org & Kinship present 


8pm Friday 26th October 2012 (doors open 7:30pm)
@ GERTRUDES BROWN COUCH - 30 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


SYREN - Luscious tripstep beats, angelic vocals and crunchy basslines evoking the song of the syren. Featuring Lulu Madill (vocals and live production) with Tim Smith (guitar), Rose Cavanagh (violin) and special guest Matt Kelly.

MATTRIKS + JSHWA "Spaceships" single + video clip launch

PHOEBE JACOBS with live beats

Visuals by Verb

MERCURY > a poetry anthology by SI

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MERCURY is a new anthology of poems by Melbourne poet Si.

Launched in 2009, the book was toured to the National Young Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival (VIC) and West End Street Festival. In May 2010 it will be launched at WORDSTORM NT in Darwin as part of 'Tales From The Undergrowth' at Happy Yess.

Below is an excerpt from the book.

IN A PERFECT WORLD > Experiential Podcasts with Rak Razam

Rak Razam, co-founder of Undergrowth.org and author of Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey hosts a regular series of "experiential journalism" podcasts exploring the changing world around us and the evolution of the global paradigm.

"In a Perfect World" will chart his meetings, musings and collective dreamings amongst the cultural creatives of the global tribe; the Ultraculture of the 21st century.

Cognition Factor - the Smart Movie interview with Mike Kawitzky

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written and directed by Mike Kawitzky, who answers some questions with Undergrowth at the bottom of this article. Photo by Louise Goddard.

The plot takes place in a stream of consciousness as a cyberpunk quests for enlightenment in the digital age.

The viewer is transported to a narrated virtual world in search of answers to the " Big Five" questions. It's a totally human experience as Cognition Factor stitches live conversations with Terence Mckenna, brother Dennis Mckenna, along with Ralph Abrahams, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Metzner, Alex Grey, and twenty more of the top thinkers of our times.

The Cognition Factor is a narrated gonzo documentary, showcast inside a 3D landscape backed by original compositions from top musicians like Dr. Lx Paterson, Dom Beken and Phil Le Gonedic, of The ORB, Merv Pepler (EatStatic/Ozrik Tentacles), Colin Angus& Matt Catt (The Shamen/Pablo_Sandoz), Steve Hillage (System 7), all brought together by ambient composer, performer and originator, Mike Martin (Indidginus).

The Cognition Factor poses Five Big Questions in order of appearance:

   1. What is consciousness/cognition?
   2.  Are we evolving as a species, or are we going extinct?
   3. What do you understand as G-D?
   4. Can the fusion of science and technology occur?
   5. What happens when we die?

"What we're going to do is we're going to all wire ourselves together, linking ourselves together at higher and higher bandwidth, with greater and greater understanding"

– Terence Mckenna - the Cognition Factor

for more info and to buy the DVD visit:


Undergrowth presents ENTHEO:GENESIS @ The Australian Centre for the Moving Image - 15th April 2009

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Undergrowth & The Journeybook  presents the Melbourne Premiere  of “Entheogenesis: Awakening the Divine Within” film screening and discussion at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Wednesday the 15th April, 2009. The screening will include a discussion of issues relating to topics covered, with speakers in conjunction from the Undergrowth collective followed by an afterparty at Loop Bar from 10pm till late.

VISIONS of MU > exhibition by Tim Parish @ The Otto Manzheim Gallery, Tokyo (japanese)

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東京・八丁堀のオットー マンゼイム ギャラリーにおいてアンダーグロースが提供するティム パリシュの絵画その他の集大成‘無・ヴィジョン’の絵画展を開催致します。

無・ヴィジョンはオーストラリアを基盤とするメディア・アーティスト、ヴェルブ アカ ティム パリシュの最新の絵画とイラストレーションの集大成です。開催するアンダーグロースはオーストラリア全国各地で活動する若手アーティストによるオリジナルアート、創作、ビデオや音楽関係のオンライン・マガジンを主宰するメディア・アート集団です。オットー マンゼイム ギャラリーは八丁堀で新進の若手アーティストたちに活躍の場を提供する新しいアート ギャラリーで、今回の無・ヴィジョンが初の展示会となります。

ティム パリシュはオーストラリア、メルボルンを基盤として精力的に作品を生み出している交差的メディア アーティストで、アンダーグロース・マガジン (http://www.undergrowth.org)の副編集長とアートディレクターを務める。フリーランスのグラフィック・デザイナー、ビデオ・アーティストとして多数のミュージックビデオやショート・ドキュメンタリー、試験的アート・フィルムを生み出している。作家、画家としても余暇を見つけては、アンダーグロースアート集団の一員として定期的に作品を展示している。2007年には東南アジア、中国を旅行し、タイ、カンボジア、中国西部では公共空間を使ってミューラル・アーティストとして壁画創作を行った。
Nomadologyは旅やクロニクルを題材とした オーストラリア人の若手作家やアーティストによる集合ブログで、多数のアーティストがこれらの地域を旅している。2006年にはオーストラリア文化協会の援助により、初の遊動生活形態のアンソロジーがアンダーグロースにより発行された。



Street Canvas Co.

The Street Canvas Co. is a collective of visual artists interested in working with City Councils and local owners to create legal public spaces for street art projects, whether they be murals, sculptures or performances. We believe the modern city street is a canvas for the public imagination to be heard, and wish to create venues for it’s artisans and painters to express themselves through. We hope to achieve this by working with both local governments and private owners of walls, sidewalks, disused billboards and other potential canvasses and opening them up to art projects involving local community.

Community Development
Public art reflects a vibrant cultural ecology where local citizens and tourists alike can appreciate a cities creative imagination simply by walking down the street of catching a train.

Empty canvasses are everywhere. Underneath highways, by the river, in back alleyways of the city, on busses and trams, on the pavement, on electric boxes and abandoned billboards. All of the city is a maze of flat planes and primed canvas. The question is how do we negotiate with the larger community - which we are apart of – to gain access to spaces legally?

Millions of dollars are spent on public art projects around the city every year, but very little of it is for painting murals, a time honored tradition older than the frescos of Michelangelo.

In terms of community development, the chance for young and emerging artists to make their mark on the public canvas of the street builds a relationship of belonging that is often absent in the modern urban culture.

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