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Wind on Water> the Darpan interview

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'wind on water' art by Tim Parish

Darpan is a healer, musician, performance artist, and vision quest facilitator in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and probably Australia’s best-known authentic shaman. He was inspired to explore ayahuasca, the South American hallucinogenic vine by the late Terence McKenna and has devoted himself to learning the ways of this most potent spiritual activator and using its wisdom to heal and enlighten a wave of Western spiritual seekers. Undergrowth’s Kathleen Williamson, Rob Bruce and Des Tramacchi caught up with Darpan to discuss the burgeoning ayahuasca culture and what it means for a planetary re-connection…

MK-Holio: Lost in the K-Hole with Terence McPhillip


"Sure, something's 'fighting' 'it' and you may try to ignore 'God' like it's some game, but that's just some crap John Lilly came up with because it is the elemental mind tunnel cocaine flies in on, and addicts get a god complex like they own 'the place'."
-quotes from poster RAMACHARAKA on

Ketamine is a relative newcomer to 'the scene,' making its mark first on the cyberpunkadelia crowd in the early 80's as "Vitamin" or "Special" K (or just K). It is officially used as a pediatric and veterinary anaesthetic, and because of this is mainly available via pharmaceutical diversion. On 'the street' it is sold either as liquid in sealed ampules for injection, or as a powder which is usually dried out from the liquid vials and then cut. Ketamine is one of the main adulterants in 'ecstasy' tablets and this has led to rather embarrasing situations for me and many others in the past (like passing out after doing lines in a lecture theatre and being woken up by my lecturer with my credit card, a rolled-up dollar bill, and half an uncrushed tablet still sitting on the desk. Oh what I would give for my tolerance to be that low again...).

Datura Nights> by Des Tramacchi


All artwork by Oli Dunlop

Beginnings: Reckless experiments with Brugmansia x candida at Mum and Dad’s…

When I was about eleven years old I found a pamphlet warning of the dangers of common poisonous plants in Australian gardens. I found the whole subject morbidly fascinating. I committed the information to memory and described the plants and their toxic side effects to anyone in my family who would listen. My eldest brother had delved into occultism, so when I explained to him that one of the plants in the pamphlet, Datura X candida (popularly known as “Angel’s trumpet” on account of the large, perfumed, trumpet-shaped flowers) caused “hallucinations,” he informed me further that such plants had been used by witches in the compounding of hallucinogenic ointments that caused the illusion of flight in those who rubbed themselves down with the drug dissolved in fat and soot. My curiosity went into override, but try as I might, I couldn’t find a single specimen of Datura X candida to further my investigations, so I put it “on the back burner” and misspent most of my remaining youth in other ways.

Gates of San Pedro> by Dave Cauldwell

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Taking the top off the saucepan was like lifting the lid on the last four years. That was the last time I’d smelt this abominable odour, the last time I’d attempted to drink cactus juice. I screwed my face up in anticipation. I knew what was coming but I had to remind myself it was a short-term sacrifice (the pollution of my tastebuds) for a long-term gain (up to sixteen hours of orbiting the stratosphere). It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

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Solaris"Solaris" painting & illustration by Tim Parish 19 September 2004 - Solar Cafe, Mt. Fuji, Japan

Love the OC

The OxyContinues...

OC20s, OC40s, OC80s, percocets, lortabs, fentanyl lollipops for the kids, methadone, morphine, codeine, HEROIN. Yes, the nefarious scourge of constipating pain-relieving euphoric drugs in the opiate family knows no boundaries in the world of labels and drug slang... and certainly has an uncontained and spectacularly diverse fan base, from Rush Limbaugh to the CIA.

Hook me up with an Oscar, bro! If it's alright could I pop round to visit Harry, if he's in..? Can't wait till Sister Morphine comes back to town. Fuck you up like a Percocet, let's find us some panacea at a Mexican pharmacia! Yep... the nurse who loved me has apparently also loved ALL the other guys too.

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The Acid Casualties > by Tim Parish


acid casualty 1

Visionary Activators

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These video interviews with 'Visionary Activators' Shane Huebner and Margaret Cross were first screened on Channel 31's Vision program. Shane and Margaret come from ordinary backgrounds and have been drawn to a number of healing modalities in their travels across North and South America, relearning the wisdom tradtions of those cultures. Now they practise and teach body and spirit work and Wisdom Teachings in their shamanistic ceremonies and are also raising consciousness about paradigm change and re-connection to the planet. As part of this they also teach Common Law classes to empower individuals and activists as part of a Gaian Spiritual Warrior programme that marries activism and entheogenic awareness.

dream is destiny


Dream is Destiny is a zine written and published by Paul Oosting from Hobart, Tasmania. It explores ideas relating to lucid dreaming as form of altered consciousness drawing from experiments and experience by the author, interspersed with various historical and contemporary texts on the subject.

Reefer Madness> by Rak Razam


In the classic 1936 propaganda movie 'Reefer Madness', a good young man is seduced into the ways of "marihuana… the new drug menace which is destroying the youth of America", and descends into a nightmare of crime, rape, murder and eventually madness. According to the movie, now a cult classic on the stoner circuit, 'Marihuana is... [a] drug – a violent narcotic – an unspeakable scourge... ending often in incurable insanity." Well, at least they got the last bit right. Over seventy years since the first wave of marijuana demonising, the “incurable insanity” has well and truly set in with politicians worldwide, and shows no sign of abating. Around 39 per cent of our population are reported to have tried the devil's weed, and crop sales are worth an estimated $5-8 billion Australia-wide. With the clash between official rhetoric and the cultural experience as wide as ever, a fresh wave of ‘Reefer Madness’ is sweeping our nation, fuelled by stories of mind-bending ‘hydro’ cannabis and drug war clichés that hide deeper-seated issues.

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