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2012: TIME FOR CHANGE screening PANEL DISCUSSION - March 2011, Melbourne


2012: Time For Change screening PANEL DISCUSSION - Melbourne, March 2011 from Rak Razam on Vimeo.


 Undergrowth presents a fascinating discussion of new paradigms in environmental consciousness held after the Melbourne premiere screening of 2012:Time For Change in March 2011. Camera by Sam Hoffmann

Featuring guest speakers:

Neil Faragher – Green Technology Engineer at Centre of Education and Research into Environmental Strategies (CERES).

The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss> Kickstarter project by Dennis McKenna

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        Wow! talk about a strategic project to crowdsource! Dennis McKenna writing the ultimate bio-story of him and Terence's life and psychedelic explorations! All in time for a Sept 2012 release! Dennis has a high margin to raise and needs the support ofthe global entheo community to do it! Please follow the link and support him and the tribe xx


The Birdman's big fuzzy smoo> by eric yoshiaki dando

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staring into a big fire makes me remember things.  there's a lot of music in all the snap-crack and popping.  you never see the same shapes twice, that's for sure.

the heat from this fire is fantastic.  i'm way up the other side of the valley now, and i can still feel it.  i can still see it. it is, as i’ve said, fantastic.

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my parents met at the aquarius festival and fell in love and eventually bought this land that i am standing on now.

my parents gave themselves new names when they bought this place.  invented a ceremony, with candles and bush flowers.  there’s photos somewhere.

Brotherhood of Scum Vs. The Rest

Greetings Sentients.

My ongoing brief is to probe and examine the unfolding edges of technologically based consciousness and report back.

Words come easily, thinking is more difficult and nothing is impossible while spin doctors grow in number, masquerading as pseudo-scientists and psychologists. But they're the inpatients, improperly programmed by earlier, inferior generations of humanity, or by the increasingly Draconian 'powers-that-be'.

Now the spin doctors appear splendidly varied, yet they're all the same, because, whether they're trying to fragment real issues, like the evolution of non-Darwinian behaviour, or just hitting you up with the latest on Lindsay Lohan it doesn't matter. What matters is that they know that cultural transformation on a grand scale is ahoy, which could make it possible for a truly democratic rethink on the fundamental priorities of human affairs on this planet. Of course lot's of corporations, who own the spin doctors, don't like this idea, which is obvious to just about everyone else, except them.

Psyence Fiction > ebook by Rak Razam

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The future has arrived, but there's something distinctly wrong with it. Robots that were meant to abolish human labour are creating mass unemployment because political systems aren't evolving as fast as our technology. Virtual gaming economies are outstripping the GDP of some small nations, telecommunications breakthroughs have brought us porn on our video phones, and Flash-Mobs roam the urban jungles, manifesting the sublime and shaking consumers from their retail addictions.

Psyence Fiction is a collection of fourteen short stories by Rak Razam that capture the spirit of the decade and the psychedelic, hi-tech future we live in. Illustrated by some of Australia's best underground artists and photographers, the e-Book is a glimpse at the brave nu world around us and the bold characters that struggle to survive it.

10/ Surfing the Novelty Wave 15/ Fraud 22/ Leisure is Pleasure 28/ Play 35/ Under the Skin 42/ Ambient Head 48/ Telefuck 54/ Mantra 60/ WW3 is a Party 68/ Freedom 75/ Rainbow Dreaming 96/ Global Eyes 114/ Ravenarok 120/ Monkey Tales

Written by


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Anti-authoritiarian, insightful, controversial, conscious and beautiful, HUNGRY BEAST is by far the best thing on Australian television. Streets ahead of any other yoof oriented programming, this group of clever kids are single handedly carving out a new form of cultural creativity on the box.

Hard to compare it to anything else around because the truth is, there isn't anything else like it on television. Think John Safran meets The Chaser in a Monty Python Flying Circus reality TV show and maybe we're getting close.

Blurring the lines between culture jamming, current affairs, documentary, satire and framed in slick motion graphics by the wunderkind Patrick Clair - HUNGRY BEAST is pioneering some kind of new gonzo TV that everyone should see and support.

If there was more of this kind of thing on our televisions, then maybe we might actually watch them again.

Rebirth of Resonance > animation by Victor Holder

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A beautiful visionary video art animation by Venezuelan/Australian filmmaker and painter Victor Holder. The REBIRTH OF RESONANCE depicts the soul's journey between two distant lands and the interior journey through the resonance of other dimensions, such as the dreaming.

"I believes everything in the universe, our mind, body, feelings, and soul resonate with all that exists. Nothing is separated. All is one soup of energy and sounds. Our soul can not be contained by geographical frontiers or by man made oppressive and rigid systems." - Victor Holder

THE 10,000 THINGS > Live at Happy Yess > 6/4/11


is the bastard love child of yin and yang,   

is an audiovisual smorgasbord full of multi-sensual fingerfood,


is an instrumental chaos theory funnelled through the troppo order


is the aesthetics of escapees from the illusion of pigeonholes,

is a dionysian bacchanal channeled through beethoven's broken hearing aid,

is the pulsing psychedelic tinted gramophone of a heartbeat's manifesto,

Issue #3: Tales of the Simulacrum

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 Credit on, plug in, drop out Join the Virtual Revolution... Transcend the material world with 24 hour plug-n-play... you know you want to... Over a thousand interactive codeworlds. Be Anyone, Anywhere, with the exciting digital universe of the Simulacrum tm - where dreams become reality and reality is merely a dream. *Some conditions apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. Complete body and life maintenance available for full time users paying by direct debit on a minimum 24 month contract...