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Are you hungry for subversion? Is a world spiralling out of balance finally ready for the multi-dimensional reality revealed by psychedelics? Martin Williams reviews a new book by Thomas B. Roberts, "Psychedelic Horizons" that thinks it might be so...

"The Secret" Revealed! > by Ralf

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The Secret revealed! Of Snake Oil and Other Charmers

by Ralf

I had an interesting, if somewhat drunken, Earthdance. Given that it is the global party and day for peace, I spent the day picking peoples brains to further my understanding of why the resistance to war in this country is not growing with what has been going on. In some way I finally found an answer. In several separate conversations with people they urged me to watch "The Secret" to cast more light on things. In fact they were all saying the same thing. That to resist something will only give it more power and all used "The Secret" as an example of a cogent explanation to this theory. Luckily I had recently been given a copy of "The Secret" that I had not yet watched so it was obviously something the Universe was putting in my way. I have since watched it and am glad that people finally urged me into checking this out. I had no idea that things were getting so bad.

I guess I better start with a positive, as it wouldn't be right to bring anyone down with negative vibes. These guys are definitely getting craftier we have to tip our hats to them on that level. I have long wondered how long it would take for the establishment to get a serious handle on what we have been up to and start fighting fire with fire. Obviously this particular movie has a struck a chord with a number of people from the psychedelic world here in Melbourne. Indeed this makes sense since it draws heavily on the emergent spiritual theory that seems to be growing out of the Psychedelic and Quantum Physics worlds about the nature of reality and ones ability to control it and manifest it with ones thoughts. This idea is obviously becoming more and more of a driving force assisting in the decision making of people from our culture.

And as The Secret is one of the newest and freshest manifestos, in the tradition of What The Bleep Do We Know etc, about where such an insight can lead us in the way we live our lives it makes sense that it seems to be influential at the moment. Indeed it is actually produced and made by a team of people FROM Melbourne so another reason why it must resonate so solidly with people from this city. This theory and greater enlightenment that is growing is of course very exciting and I certainly understand and believe much of the framework and basis behind it. My own deep psychedelic sojourns have allowed similar teachings to be downloaded. However once receiving this enlightenment one must be cautious about where the logic steps then take us as to how we apply that in the practical physical world. And once 'THEY' work out we are onto this they will inevitably use it against us. And so they have with the production of this twisted abomination;The Secret.

Obviously the central 'truths' behind "The Secret" are in some way correct. As they have to be in order to coat the blue pill they are feeding us in it in a believable framework. The more believable the less likely we will notice the atrocious mind control going on in this pithy piece of propaganda. The whole premise behind the movie seems to have been to resubvert the Psychedelic enlightenment back into blatant consumerist, capitalistic, individualistic culture. They have certainly hit on one of the Ancient Laws of Attraction all right. That of Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted. Almost all of the premises are presented to show how to use these skills and techniques in order to amass more wealth for ONESELF personally and to make ONES own life a heaven at the expense of all else. The American Dream in a nutshell really.

That was really where this movie started to rankle me. A quote on the shows own website states; "Previous to what Rhonda had thought, she discovered there were people out there alive who were aware of this information. Actually, there were lots of them, and they were some of the world's greatest living scientists, philosophers, and authors. In every part of the world, different fragments of The Secret were being offered, to anyone that would listen. All that was needed was to pull all of the pieces together... Well it appears that every part of the world includes one Australian businessman and a veritable army of Americans. Amazing that the whole worlds knowledgeable people now happen to reside only in America. Or maybe it's just that as, by the movies own admittance, "The Secret" has been passed down in a direct lineage from the Babylonians (surely that was a clue guys Babylonians warmongering psycho's remember?) it was bound to be concentrated in the seat of world power. Or maybe they uncovered it recently in Iraq. After the helicopter assault camp, Camp Alpha, had been established at the site of ancient Babylon in 2003 and they had finished ethnically cleansing any of the pesky sand niggers in the area they uncovered it and returned it to all of us lucky westerners as a spoil of war.


Nuclear Power and Australia's Energy 'Debate'> by Jim Green

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By Jim Green Nuclear campaigner -Friends of the Earth, Australia.

Over the past year the nuclear industry has once again tried to exploit concern about climate change to reverse its ongoing decline. Nuclear power is being promoted not only as the solution to climate change, but also to water shortages (by desalination), the drought (by John Anderson), and world poverty (too cheap to meter --- or too expensive to matter?). You begin to wonder if there's anything nuclear power can't solve.

One positive aspect of this debate is that it has highlighted the need for action to avert the social and environmental impacts associated with climate change. But it's been a limited debate. Only the nuclear 'solution' solution to climate change is being debated. Never mind that nuclear power simply can't do the job. Never mind that the adverse impacts of nuclear power are every bit as alarming as those of climate change. Thus the 'debate' has diverted attention from the range of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures that, combined, can avert climate catastrophe.

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Dancing in the Realm: Life, Fusion, Boom Festivals> by Graham St John

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(Sundancer by Dakatz)

It's June 2006, London.

A shift was in the making. I'd been staying at the Parallel Youniversity in West Hampstead for a month, while its Dean, Megatripolitan Fraser Clark, had been off on some Saharan adventure. This was hippy, or - as Fraser might have styled it - `zippy', central. The first storey flat had a couple of decades worth of rave-olutionary activity pinned to its walls, the reminders of several East Asian and subcontinental tours adorning the eaves and immeasurable layers of grime and hair worked into its carpets. Apparently most of the hair belonged to Jonty, the dog, who I was tasked to mind, along with the world's wildest indoor plant. While in the zippy lair, under the Hanging Gardens of Pronoia, I had privilege access to Fraser's extensive countercultural library. Flying off the shelves was a book called Its Happening: a portrait of the youth scene today by J L Simmons and Barry Winograd (1966), a couple of hipper members of staff in Sociology Dept. at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Postcards From The Machine

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POstcards from the Machine GIF
A Postcard from the Machine (Australian Immigration Politics) (2006)

This piece was inspired by Senator Judi Moylan's controversial crossing the floor over John Howard's failed immigration ammendment. An act described by maverick liberal MP Petro Georgiou as the most profoundly disturbing piece of legislation put forward in contemporary times.

Telestreets - Hacking the Infocalypse> by Luther Blisset

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The cold rain lightens passing the small twice-weekly farmers’ market, down the corridor past the Italian class for migrants, the bookshop, a meeting, the circus class. Entering into one room a web of cables crawls overhead, converging in a loft. Upstairs a small group chatters in front of computers, editing, uploading, downloading, emailing; organising a 24-hour pirate TV station. This is the Xmercato24 social centre in Bologna, Italy, home of “Teleimmagini?”, part of the Italian Telestreet movement of around 80 pirate micro-TV stations, most of which have grown in less than 2 years.

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Vacuum Pack by Brent Arnold

5:14 minutes (6.34 MB)

Brent Arnold Brent Arnold is a cellist, songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who composes music for film, and does producing, arranging and recording. Current projects include a solo record titled Cinema Deep Crush (due for Fall 2006 release), and groups Invincible Hummingbirds, Jihae Kim, Dark Cutters, Ghosts I've Met, and the Spheres.

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Speeding Ticket by Curse ov Dialect

3:03 minutes (2.79 MB)

Curse Ov Dialect portrait CURSE OV DIALECT have a sound as diverse and inclusive as their cultural backgrounds (Maltese, Macedonian, Indian, Maori, and Pakistani). Combining a multitude of sounds from all eras and styles, (these guys sample some obscure and esoteric material!!) quality beats, turntablism and production sensibility and unique flows with a lucid political flavour, Curse ov Dialect tear the hiphop rulebook to pieces and step beyond, creating avant-guarde hiphop opera.

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Don't Hide Away by Miso

4:00 minutes (4.43 MB)

Miso Art Miso is the product of 3 years of electronic composition by producer Thomas (Soup) Campbell, and his integration and collaborative composition with instrumentalists, Supina Bytol, Martin Hadley, Naomi Jean and Ben Skepper. Miso have a strong and unique flavour, blending elements of triphop, dub, break-beat and jazz with lush, organic textures of natural timbres, and honeyed vocals. Miso have been making a splash in the Melbourne music scene over the past year.

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Phone Drones by Dub Ninja

3:32 minutes (4.1 MB)Dub Ninja Dub Ninja a.k.a. Dan Sommariva-Rojo (drummer from fresh local acts Agency Dub Collective and Organic Intelekt) has unleashed his production skills in a prolific partnership with an 808 and other noise tweaking devices to create expansive electro-dub sonic landscapes.