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The Anatomy Of Peace > by Levin Diatschenko

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The Anatomy Of Peace

For the world citizen of today, perhaps the most pertinent question regarding the people of that world is: How to make the 'United Nations’ a reality? If a therapist can get groups of angry people to cease arguing and get along with each other, why not a group of Nations, religions or political parties? If there is a science to it then it can be done.



Street Canvas Co.

The Street Canvas Co. is a collective of visual artists interested in working with City Councils and local owners to create legal public spaces for street art projects, whether they be murals, sculptures or performances. We believe the modern city street is a canvas for the public imagination to be heard, and wish to create venues for it’s artisans and painters to express themselves through. We hope to achieve this by working with both local governments and private owners of walls, sidewalks, disused billboards and other potential canvasses and opening them up to art projects involving local community.

Community Development
Public art reflects a vibrant cultural ecology where local citizens and tourists alike can appreciate a cities creative imagination simply by walking down the street of catching a train.

Empty canvasses are everywhere. Underneath highways, by the river, in back alleyways of the city, on busses and trams, on the pavement, on electric boxes and abandoned billboards. All of the city is a maze of flat planes and primed canvas. The question is how do we negotiate with the larger community - which we are apart of – to gain access to spaces legally?

Millions of dollars are spent on public art projects around the city every year, but very little of it is for painting murals, a time honored tradition older than the frescos of Michelangelo.

In terms of community development, the chance for young and emerging artists to make their mark on the public canvas of the street builds a relationship of belonging that is often absent in the modern urban culture.

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Carteret Islands by Pip Starr


The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history. They will not be the first people to lose their homes because of global warming. Rising seas, expanding deserts and changing weather have already displaced many, possibly millions of people. But the people of the Carterets are unique, as they will be the first to see their atoll, 6 small islands 100 km form Bougainville, completely submerged. They will begin to desert their islands in early 2007.
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Black Gold

Black GoldBlack Gold by Antonia Green Oil and Ink on Canvas From the Spoonerism #2 at Lentil As Afrika
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OwlOwl' by Antonia Green Oil on canvas 2006 from the Animus exhibition @ Viewing Space Aug 06
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Comrades by Agency Dub Collective

4:54 minutes (5.55 MB)


Agency Australia




Agency Dub Collective are a live 6-piece from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by the revolutionary musical styles born in Jamaica, their music ranges from poignant downbeat dub and cruisy skanking roots styles to lively dancehall and stepper rhythms. Bass-heavy grooves are dappled with echo-drenched guitar and keyboards, interspersed with synths, samples and the plaintive cry of the melodica. Sometimes chilled-out, beautiful and classic, at other times futuristic, Agency Dub are always fresh and ever-evolving. Their passionate and articulate frontman, 3oB, delivers a variegated homogeneity of vocal stylings, ranging from sweet reggae falsetto to rowdy rap and ragga. Seeking to reflect the interconnectedness of all things (I&I), the lyrics connect personal and global themes and express a vision of humanity beyond the current capitalist paradigm.

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The Rupture by Mountains In The Sky

4:12 minutes (5.1 MB)


Take your telescope, turn it inside out, and point it up to the sky. Look up at the mouintains: through the clouds you’ll see a gamelan orchestra, a circle of free-range jazz drummers beating it out, some sirens calling out from the peaks, some Midwich Cuckoo school children skipping and singing backwards. Beyond them the mossy hills fold in an out and over one another…
Such is the beauty and wonderment encountered in producer, John Lee’s sonic terrain, a vast landscape of samples, cuts, splices, glitches and instrumentation encompassing a panorama of musical styles.
Take a trip through the peaks and valleys of ‘Celestial Son’ and the latest Mountains in the Sky release,‘ Accipio’, and find yourself at a MITS live show, where John Lee and collaborator Stuart McFarlane will jam it out and bring it all home with a lush, beat driven party vibe.

Nomadology exhibition flyer (Beth)

Nomadology exhibition flyer (Beth)

Naomi Robson Xmas Reel

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Naomi Robson, darling of Channel 7's Today Tonight has recently resigned as the host of that show after a year of spectacular gaf's. From unsuccesfully trying to sneak in to West Papua to report on the terrible and ongoing genocide by the cannibals in the hills (as opposed to the Indonesian military rule), and accidentally wearing kakhi the week Steve Irwin died, it has not been a good year for Naomi.

Police Brutality video by Combat Wombat

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'Police Brutality' is the second video clip from Combat Wombat's album Unsound System. Based on illustrations by vocalist MC Izzy, the video was created by Dragonfly Animation. It also features indymedia footage from Pine Gap and Beverly Uranium Mine protests. Check out Combat Wombat's previous video's on Undergrowth Qwest and Tunin' Technology. Visit Combat Wombat's website website for more about the band.