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Cosmic Serpent

Cosmic SerpentSome see knowledge as the original sin, others see it as the original son of God. The serpent who speaks the language of DNA knows what it means to be both devil and god, because we have given both those mantles. We humans, who have the potential to be gods, but most often end up acting like devils. It is so much easier to blame something else. 'cosmic serpent' by tim parish pencil illustration, feb 2007

The Green Spin Is In

The Green spin is definitely in as companies scrabble fo a piece of the sustainability and eco-friendly paradigm sweeping the world as it reacts to climate change. This ad is a textbook example of the spin-doctoring: ostensibly selling a pair of "Earth Shoes", the by-line emphasises they're "different. Like you." And you can show you care about the environment and save the world all by purchasing some footwear!  The company does promote social and environmental responsibility, and does make a fine product. What's interesting is the wave of 'greenwash' from advertisers we're all going to be deluged with as everyone scrabbles to find a green niche, and the parallels that will be drawn to the natural world by hyper-capitalism. Just look at the above pitch of a modern day Eve in the garden holding up the new temptation: eco-friendly products. Who'll bite?

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Four Three by All India Radio

4:02 minutes (5.95 MB)

All India Radio travels with you through the airwaves enveloping you in a warm jet stream that swirls and sweeps you off into the astral realm. Ethereal digital soundscapes with immaculate production are set with organic, post –rockesque texturing and instrumentation: the soundtrack to your dreams.
Drawing comparisons and influences from bands like Boards of Canada, Calexico, and Sigur Ros and having played with the likes of Labradford, Pan American, Stereolab, David Bridie, Laura, Because of Ghosts and This Is Your Captain Speaking, All India Radio are getting national and international recognition.

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Fear and Loathing in Brisvegas


Fear and Loathing image

Today I ate lunch in an inner city park of Brisbane's CBD. Sundried tomatoes and fetta cheese from the deli, avocado and organic grapes are my kind of decadence. Around me office workers are on their lunch break, eating out of plastic containers with plastic forks. I watch an ibis pick through the scraps of a plastic bag. The bird looks as if it could have flown straight from some ancient egyptian temple as I watched it glide here through the high rise valley, straight to modern day corporate Australia... It's noble profile doesn't deserve this kind of beggar pose, but the city makes scavenger's of all wild animals doesn't it?

This past week I've been staying with my old friend Daniel who I grew up with in Darwin, and is now a successful corporate lawyer. Dan's parents started Solar Village in the rural outskirts of Humpty Doo and built their own house out of rammed earth back in the seventies. I remember visiting their beautiful bushland property as kid and being spelllbound by the kangaroos that would hop up to the verandah to eat food offerings and learning about the real potential of domestic solar arrays for the first time. Nowadays in a classic role reversal that often happens to kids raised on alternative ideals, Daniel is working on the 38th floor of a high rise in Brisbanes CBD - about as different a landscape as possible from the one in which he was raised. I called him up a few days ago after making a shotgun decision that I needed to catch a flight out of Darwin that night so as to avoid the thousand dollar pricetag of a weekend ticket. Without hesitation he said I could stay in his apartment in Fortitude Valley. Legend.

Whats So Wrong With Love and Peace> by Brummbaer

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Come mothers and fathers

Throughout the land

And don't criticize What you can't understand

Your sons and your daughters

Are beyond your command

Your old road is Rapidly agin'.

Please get out of the new one

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gdo4r BOBAN by Gyp$y Dub Orche$tra

7:12 minutes (6.6 MB)

Era Beach by Trevor Brown

Gyp$y Dub Orche$tra (a.k.a Trevor Brown and cohorts) is an electro- acoustic fantasia, melding gypsy, dub and electronica with analogue and digital sounds that are woven into a magic carpet that takes you on a wild and undulating trip through the aether. Trevor Brown is a composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist who has had a wide ranging career in the arts, working with bands such as Waiting For Guinesss, Ju Ju Space Jazz, MetaBass n Breath, Morganics, (and many others ), composing for film and theatre to critical acclaim, working with Symphony Orchestras in Australia and the UK, International Dance Troupes, Performance Poets, Post-Industrialist Street Theatre, designing instruments and systems for electro-acoustic manipulation, directing festivals and running workshops in disadvantaged communities.

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E Minor Sea by The Foreign Birds

6:01 minutes (6.89 MB)

Foreign Birds sound can be found in the space between sleep and consciousness. Interwoven melodies created by diverse instrumentation guide the listener into a semi-dream state. The live shows combine immersive sounds with the ambient images of video artist Ben Mastwyk, providing a feast for the senses. The self-funded debut album, A Life Like This, will be released with a DVD.
A percentage of profits from the LP (released on the band’s own label, Earth Bound Sound) will be donated to the protection of old growth forests.

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Without Grace by Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra

4:12 minutes (5.98 MB)


Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra

Funk, junk, circus, rock with everything from punk to gypsy in between, Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra create an infectious sound of old-world grooves. Coupled with head-high Tackle-lyrics delivered in an uncompromising Australian pirate-roar, this collection of anachronistic political themes and the little things in life have drawn an ever increasing cult following hooked on the addictive music and the unpredictable nature of their stage shows.

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Miles by The Pryor Theory

4:43 minutes (4.82 MB)

The Pryor Theory was conceived by the combined forces of Kit Katana (samplers and vocals) and Al Martino (drums and percussion). In true Melboune style the pair met through a handwritten 'wanted' ad, and at Cafe Zappa, forged the musical relationship that is The Pryor Theory. Combining hiphop, triphop and downbeat electronica production sensibilities with mellow vocals, samplers and gadgets with live instruments, The Pryor Theory will be appearing at a club, venue or park near you soon.