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Skin Names

Kintore is an aboriginal community 600 km west of Alice Springs in Pintubi country. The Kintore kids, in collaboration with the Labrats and Sonic Boom recorded music in their traditional language and made beats with sounds sampled from the kids. The kids are singing about the skin names.

MINISTRY OF TRUTH pilot episode


Undergrowth is proud to feature the first full length episode of The Ministry of Truth a cutting edge online television show with a tight blend of edgy satire, video art, and contemporary Australian politics - just the kind of thing Australia needs on it's televisions amongst the anaesthesia of most mainstream media. This episode tackles the concept of Democracy, in all its forms, from the war on terror to anarchist street polls, the rise of nationalism and the debasement of the political arena. Smart. Sexy. Dangerous. Watch it.

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Solaris"Solaris" painting & illustration by Tim Parish 19 September 2004 - Solar Cafe, Mt. Fuji, Japan

The 2050 Project - A Virtual Blueprint

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The 2050 Project is a virtual blueprint for a sustainable Melbourne in the year 2050. This 3D visualization invites you to experience the vision of sustainable city in action. Travel on our sustainable transport and step inside eco-buildings of the future as we explore new possibilities and stretch our imagination of the world that could be.

For more information on sustainability movement and how to get involved: http://www.slf.org.au

Duration: 24 minutes 30 seconds

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The Oracle - Psyence Fiction Vignettes

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The Oracle Vignettes

Demon terrorists, drug warriors, robot butterflies, virtual reality brainwashing, alien television and memetic drugs. All debris of an unfinished novel; The Oracle' is a collection of short science fiction poems written and designed by Tim Parish.

Earthdream > documentary by Matt Bonner

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Europe 1988: Mutoid Waste founder Robin Mutoid conceives a journey across the Australian desert, which would fuse a 'madder than Max' blend of theater, protest, radical lifestyle and performance. Twelve years later Robin heads to Port Augusta in Australia's far south to see who will join the vision. Those who come are a mixture of activists, musicians, travellers and artists willing to take part in the 20,000km journey and experiment with 'lateral human governance'. Along the way the spontaneous community of creative nomads hold parties and free festivals, perform music workshops for kids in the outback and also experience violence at the hands of the South Australian Police Force during a protest for indigenous rights at the Beverly Uranium Mine.

Love the OC

The OxyContinues...

OC20s, OC40s, OC80s, percocets, lortabs, fentanyl lollipops for the kids, methadone, morphine, codeine, HEROIN. Yes, the nefarious scourge of constipating pain-relieving euphoric drugs in the opiate family knows no boundaries in the world of labels and drug slang... and certainly has an uncontained and spectacularly diverse fan base, from Rush Limbaugh to the CIA.

Hook me up with an Oscar, bro! If it's alright could I pop round to visit Harry, if he's in..? Can't wait till Sister Morphine comes back to town. Fuck you up like a Percocet, let's find us some panacea at a Mexican pharmacia! Yep... the nurse who loved me has apparently also loved ALL the other guys too.

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The Acid Casualties > by Tim Parish


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Visionary Activators

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These video interviews with 'Visionary Activators' Shane Huebner and Margaret Cross were first screened on Channel 31's Vision program. Shane and Margaret come from ordinary backgrounds and have been drawn to a number of healing modalities in their travels across North and South America, relearning the wisdom tradtions of those cultures. Now they practise and teach body and spirit work and Wisdom Teachings in their shamanistic ceremonies and are also raising consciousness about paradigm change and re-connection to the planet. As part of this they also teach Common Law classes to empower individuals and activists as part of a Gaian Spiritual Warrior programme that marries activism and entheogenic awareness.

dream is destiny


Dream is Destiny is a zine written and published by Paul Oosting from Hobart, Tasmania. It explores ideas relating to lucid dreaming as form of altered consciousness drawing from experiments and experience by the author, interspersed with various historical and contemporary texts on the subject.