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Drop acid not bombs

Drop acid not bombs

Wind Energy, Myths and Facts



This short film focuses on wind energy and the common myths and confusions that threaten its developement. It includes Wind Turbine Sickness (WTS), sound emmisions and impact on bird populations.

Written and produced by Pablo Tochez Anderson. 2011

'Yes to Renewables,' Friends of the Earth Victoria

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Media & Consciousness by Levin A. Diatschenko

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On Media and Consciousness


   Neil Postman, in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, puts forth the idea that different types of media are ideal for different types of knowledge. This is something of an expansion on Marshal McLuhan’s concept of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ types of media – that is, media which requires little participation (TV), and media which requires much participation (books, or even more, dialogue). This example of Postman’s idea I take from wikipedia—

Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat> by Andrez Bergen

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Andrez Bergen is an expat Aussie journalist/musician (from Melbourne) who's been ensconced in Tokyo these past 10 years. This extract from his debut novel, Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, is a sci-fi/noir/post-apocalyptic tones set in Melbourne, Australia as the last city in the world. Melbourne, after all, is his home town. But he's also heavily influenced by Japan, a country he's lived in for the past 10 years, and the novel also owes about 60% of its content to classic noir cinema. Enjoy!




In this talk, Social Media strategists and developers Rome Viharo and Maf Lewis reveal the likelihood that Google's search algorithm may already be sentient, what it means, and what it represents as a metaphor for collective problem solving.

Mentioned are Egypt 2.0, Revolution 2.0, Guillermo Arevalo, Francois Demange, Daniel Dennet, Francis Heylighen, The Shipibo of Peru and Ayahuasca.

Wikileaks, Anonymous,Facebook, Wikipedia, 4chan, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google, Rene Descarte, Dualism, Global Brain movement are also referenced in the talk.

JOELISTICS > Voyager Records Episode 1

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The first episode of Voyager Records, Joelistics's new series. Things are pretty bad in the future, everyone is pretty much dead. In amongst this post-apocalyptic backdrop, Joelistics decides to open a record store with six records and a box of cdr-s.This is his story.

Written & Directed by Peter Brennan.

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The Rooftop Sutras > by Levin A. Diatschenko

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THE ROOFTOP SUTRAS is a collection of strange and unusual tales set in the mythological 'Suburbia' of the mind, following various inhabitants as they attempt to stay awake amidst hypnotic routine of modern life.

Written into the vein of G.K. Chesterton, J.L. Borges, Franz Kafka and William Burroughs, Diatschenko has taken on a metaphysical subject in this mundane guise, and each story is a riddle within the fabric of his spell.

 Regard the bizarre parables of modern life contained within -- such as the man whose telephone follows him everywhere he goes, or the woman who becomes stuck in an infinite loop. Then there is the man who is summoned to court to justify his existence, and the band of gypsies who live on the rooftops of the city.


This brilliant e-book from the BEYOND ZERO EMISSIONS group has been causing some major waves in the Australian environmental discourse recently, and it should. With a clear and concise roadmap for transferring Australia's energy generation from carbon intensive, non-renewable resources to a clean renewable energy network, these are just the kind of forward thinking, visionary ideas needed in the climate change debate, not just in Australia but globally.

Read it. Absorb it. Spread the ideas. 

DOUBLE RAINBOW > Hugo & Treats

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Two performances blending diverse music (Treats) and inspiring lyricism (Hugo) are combined in this, the Double Rainbow Video.

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Hugo & Treats were fortunate to be booked two years running at the Rainbow Serpent festival chill stage. This video is a synthesis of those two shows. Treats mixes eclectic beats from around the world with Hugo free-styling over the top, connecting with the assembled crowd and building towards a crescendo of communing oneness.

TRANSITIONS FILM FESTIVAL > Conscious Cinema in the Darwin Botanical Gardens > JULY 2011

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>Every Thursday in JULY

Undergrowth is proud to partner with the George Brown Darwin Botanical Gardens and NT Herbarium to present a month of conscious films in the historic Wesleyan Chapel in the Darwin Botanic Gardens over July. This dry season film festival will raise funds for important community groups working toward social and cultural sustainability.

Entry to each film is by donation.