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SLAM TV is a site dedicated to the oldest art form on the planet,  spoken word, and the newest , video art. The combination of these two forms of expression is about to spark the imagination of the broadband generation who share consciousness through the digital bandwidth. With social media, online video and blogs the web has opened the door for a new global culture dedicated to the word. SLAM TV will showcase this breaking wave as it crashes on the silicon shores of our present.

SACRED ECONOMICS > Charles Eisenstein

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"Sacred Economics" with Charles Eisenstein

The film, "Sacred Economics" traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system necessitates an endless growth that has destroyed community and contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity. Today, these trends have reached their extreme - but in the wake of the recent financial collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

Statement by the Director, Ian MacKenzie:

"After reading Charles Eisenstein's book Sacred Economics, which speaks eloquently about the return of the 'gift economy', I felt compelled to gift back. The best way I knew how was to use my filmmaking skills to share Charles' work, and spread it to communities around the globe.  His vision of "the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible" is the salve that so many of us need at this time, in the age of great transition. My hope is this film catalyzes those who work with passion and dedication to live this world right now."



The Big Question > Peter Joseph > TEDxOjai


Peter Joseph is a director, writer, producer, editor, composer and creator of the Zeitgeist movies series. He is an independent filmmaker who has written, directed, narrated, scored and produced three non-commercial, self-produced and freely-distributed documentary films: Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. He is also the founder of "The Zeitgeist Movement", which is a social sustainability organization with members now in nearly every country. His work with The Movement is now a large part of his daily activities -- giving lectures and helping to produce relevant media/materials to spread the interest for a new social system.

In this talk, Peter Joseph examines todays economy and reflects our environmental misalignment and the value war.

HUMAN ERROR > The Flying Dutchman > post Fukushima punk

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Watch: Japanese Punk Band Becomes Voice of 'Generation Fukushima'

From AsiaSociety.org


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For more, checkout: http://www.beatsantique.com/

RAP NEWS X > #Occupy2012 (feat. Noam Chomsky & Anonymous)

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RAP NEWS episode 10: The year we've all been waiting for - 2012AD (or, if you ask a Mayan) - is finally here. What will happen? Will we see the poles shift or a paradigm shift? Will a rogue Sumerian planet smash into our solar system, plunging us into serfdom under the iron fist of a race of gold-hungry aliens? Or are the aliens already here? Or are all these merely humanity's collective projections of itself as it careens towards an ever-accelerating super-connected cyber-reality - whatever that means... One thing's sure, if 2011 was a prelude of things to come, 2012 is going to be one hell of a year. Now that it has arrived, are we ready? Join your host Robert Foster and his guests, Terrence Moonseed and General Baxter, as they conduct an in-depth rap analysis into the future, and humanity's place in it. Happy New YERA!
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**** CREDITS ****

** BEAT: "Tancz Glupia" by Mateusz Schmidt "Matheo"
from LP "Sobotaz" by MC SOBOTA
Uploaded with permission

** We are hugely grateful to all of our collaborators for their time and patience: Our awesomely reliable and talented artist/designer, Zoe Tame from http://visualtonic.com.au for creating all the original artwork; Dave Abbot for syncing and chromakey. Ben Erwin for awesome on-location filming at Liberty Plaza, with the help of John Sidorovich and #Occupy protesters: Tim Pool, Radagast Istari Brown, Jessica, Darrell, Jake, Dan and others who shall remain 'anonymous'. Thanks to Lucy, Paula, Daniel, Adso and Taegan for Protester voiceovers; and Cepstral Dave for Anonymous voiceover. Trav and Nick for lights and tech assistance. Gilles Gundermann & Mily Langworth for props. Lucy & Caitlin for ongoing patience and support. Koolfy & Siltaar for creating English caption file. Above all we are indebted to the Herculean efforts of Melissa McCollough and Professor Stuart Reese at the Sydney Peace Foundation (http://www.sydneypeacefoundation.org.au) who made our trip to Sydney possible and thus our special interview with Noam Chomsky. A very special thanks to Clinton Fernandes who gave us time and space in his hotel room to consult the great Oracle, to whom we are also very grateful for being such an inspiration; and a sport. :)

Hugo & Giordano

THE SENSORIUM PROJECT > support through crowdfunding


The Sensorium is a community-based mobile arts project, a multidisciplinary collaborative gallery, created to exhibit interactive media, visionary art and sculpture. It is an independent self-contained multi-media installation fusing entertainment and education and is set to tour festivals, expositions and events around Australia.

Surrounding a raised 11.11m geodesic dome is a 13 sided (moon cycle) exhibition structure displaying a large array of visionary art and illuminated sculptures. Inside is an expansive space with six video projectors covering the entire inner surface. Combined with surround sound and motion sensor technology this produces a completely immersive environment.

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The Parable of The Rock

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THERE WAS ONCE AN ENORMOUS ROCK. It was smooth and round, and the only thing of its kind. As such, the local people loved and adored it. Streams of people came to visit it. Eventually they built homes around it, so that they could be close to it. Gradually a town formed around it. Everybody had the rock in common.

   The rock was so perfect and symmetrical that people said it could not possibly be natural. On the other hand, however, just as many people thought that it could not possibly be man-made for the same reasons.



Danny Macaskill: Industrial Revolutions from Cut Media on Vimeo.


Inbetween nature and industry, we stand, we move, we dance, we ride.

Nothing is impossible.

Gravity is merely a myth.

Everything is permitted...


Production team : Renegade Pictures
Thomas Scott Evans, Eddie Sears, Sunita Mirchandani
Line Producer : Renegade Pictures
Rachel Naughton
Producer : Mike Christie
Directed by: Stu Thomson
Filmed by: Stu Thomson, Aaron Bartlett

RAP NEWS 9 - The Economy w. Ron Paul & Peter Joseph

RAP NEWS episode 9. 2011 hits harder than a pre-apocalyptic hangover as "the economy" threatens to annihilate our stock-piles of imaginary, inflated wealth, spawning a battle of epic proportions as insurgent grassroots forces move in to #OccupywallStreet and coalitions of indignados hold their ground in Athens, Madrid and Tel Aviv; facing up to the riotgear, batons and tazers that stand between them and a more equal redistribution of the proverbial pie. ...But enough action and excitement! It's time for some heroic armchair philosophy: Join your affable host, Robert Foster as he attempts to shine some light on this mysterious creature, "the economy". Is this the failure of capitalism that we are witnessing, or its triumph? Is it the end of the end of history, or yet another crazy chapter in the whimsical journey of the human experiment?