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AYA: AWAKENINGS > Australian screening tour 2013

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 AYA: Awakenings is a narrative documentary into the world and visions of ayahuasca shamanism, adapted from the cult book 'Aya: a Shamanic Odyssey' by Rak Razam. By blending narration directly from the book with video footage, interviews with practicing curanderos, samples of traditional icaros or magic songs, photographs and cutting edge special effects, Aya: Awakenings reproduces the inner landscape of the visionary state in unprecedented detail, invoking a spiritual awakening in the viewer.



THE BLOOM: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals from Akira Chan Arts on Vimeo.

The Bloom: A Journey through Transformational Festivals is a new, four-part web series that explores the blossoming cultural renaissance of transformational festivals, immersive participatory realities which are having profound life-changing effects on hundreds of thousands of lives. Starting in summer 2012 into 2013, a team of "light workers and artists" are visiting over 23 transformational festivals around the globe to tell a true story of genuine hope and inspiration for our times. Pointing the way to a bright and promising future, The Bloom explores how these festivals are awakening human consciousness through creativity, love, and joy.

SYREN "A FEATHER TO THE SEA" EP LAUNCH @ Gertrudes Brown Couch 26th Oct 2012

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Undergrowth.org & Kinship present 


8pm Friday 26th October 2012 (doors open 7:30pm)
@ GERTRUDES BROWN COUCH - 30 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


SYREN - Luscious tripstep beats, angelic vocals and crunchy basslines evoking the song of the syren. Featuring Lulu Madill (vocals and live production) with Tim Smith (guitar), Rose Cavanagh (violin) and special guest Matt Kelly.

MATTRIKS + JSHWA "Spaceships" single + video clip launch

PHOEBE JACOBS with live beats

Visuals by Verb

The Origins of Consciousness Tour Down Under October 2012




In Australia October 2012, Lost Tribes and EGA will be hosting a series of events featuring guest speakers Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna, Mitch Schultz, and others. The tour will be heading to Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney.


We are running 3 larger conference type events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and two shorter, more intimate workshops in Melbourne and Byron Bay (both have different programs).


The Origins of Consciousness Tour 2012: An exploration into Spirituality, Psychedelics, & Ancient Civilizations What is the link between mystical experiences, neuroscience and parallel dimensions? What role have psychedelic plants and ancient shamanism played in the evolution of human imagination? Was there a technologically advanced civilization destroyed in a global cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age; and as humanity is poised on the cusp of environmental catastrophe, are we doomed to the same fate?

I of the Sun

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 In ancient days the sun was worshiped as a living entity, life giver and destroyer all wrapped in one… Entire cultures sacrificed and fed energy to the sun, understanding that the delicate cosmic web must be maintained, and that the process of life works both ways… As we near the time of galactic alignment on Dec 21st 2012, the sun and our solar system has risen above the galactic plane and are now being bombarded with intense galactic energies. The sun is changing, waking, and the earth is following suit, as solar flares affect our magnetic field and change consciousness itself. Join experiential journalist Rak Razam, shamanic practitioner Darpan and the visionary founder of Starseed Gardens Dan Schreiber in an intimate tribal discussion about the living sun and its connection to the sun within, how to cleanse and heal our energy bodies and the assist the process of true illumination.

HEART REMAINS > JOELISTICS > Produced by Verb Studios

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The HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT invited people from across Australia to contribute video content in response to the track HEART REMAINS from Joelistics's Voyager album: http://www.elefanttraks.com/releases/voyager. The final video is a tapestry of place, culture, people and landscape that paints a portrait of Australia in the 21st Century.

Words and music: Joelistics / Heart Remains (Taken from Voyager/Elefant Traks)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Timothy Parish - Verb Studios

Verb Studios http://www.verbstudios.com.au
SLAM TV - http://slamtv.org
Word Travels http://wordtravels.info

Footage Contributors: Cris Broadhurst, Jasper Smith, Grant VK58GR, Gini Lee, Sundry Productions, San-A, Jenny Grinlington, Michael Fletcher, Kym Fielke, Aime Lou, ABC Open Wide Bay,Darcy Travers,Doecke, Barry Schrapel, Norm Ofstead, Injected Ideas
James Russell, Geoff Oliver, Dave Dwyer, Tracey Lundgren, Pierpaolo Baricchio, Sharon Greenaway, Nicky Forster, Stephanie Riddel, Ty Swanson, Bjorn Rust, Mike Riley, Pasramos, Paul Sellen, Alasdair Shurman, AP_OZ, Ashley Perry, Martin Whipp, Documentary Shop, Will Horne, Liam Monkhouse, Tim Parish

Many thanks to:
Will Tinapple
Sam Hussey
Miles Merrill
Anthea Varigos
Bill Wade
Hamish McDonald
Eric Fassbender
Elefant Traks


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In this continuation of In a Perfect World 33, experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews author and academic Robert Forte about the origins of the Psychedelic Movement and manipulation by the power elites as a social engineering tool for control of the dominant paradigm. This far-ranging discussion covers Huxley, Wasson, Hofmann et.al and the social milieu and the role of the CIA and elite steering of the dissemination of psychedelics in the West and the vested interests behind them that have culminated in the global police state that confronts us in the West today. The medical, spiritual and religious arms of the movement are dissected in light of the political agendas that control civilization, as Forte and Razam examine the revolution of the 60s and the revolutionary times we now live through. They ask the critical question: is the commodification of the modern psychedelic movement a prelude to global Soma, and can individuals awaken to their own cosmic sovereignty before it's too late? Forte's seminal book, Entheogens and the Future of Religion , with contributions by Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, Jack Kornfield, Terence McKenna, the Shulgins, Rick Strassman, and others is now back in print, with all proceeds going to support the Council on Spiritual Relations work with psilocybin research.

The Terence Mckenna Omnibus 2012 - [TMOM 2012]

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"Don't know how many of you know about 'The Terence Mckenna OmniBus 2012' series which we lauched in January with the first 12:12:12 clip, "Who am I?"
There are now 3 clips posted representing the first 3 months of the year with April coming up. The acronym for the series is TMOM2012 and the playlist is here;
Like us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/TMOM2012
Please tweet @webtrance to show pleasure"
or you can have the long one; or both:) rewrite if you want...Mx
'The Terence Mckenna OmniBus 2012' series launched in January 2012 with the first 12:12:12 clip, "Who am I?"
There are now 3 clips posted representing the first 3 months of the year with April coming up. The acronym for the series is TMOM2012 and the playlist is here;
In December Terence will utter his 2012 predictions.
Yes, this (Lost tapes) footage really exists, as does other unseen stuff that will provoke and astound you.
Each 'episode' or 'chapter', will deal with a specific subject.
In Chapter One: "Who Am I?" The unfolding of the Mckenna Mojo begins..12 minutes, 12 seconds and 12 frames closer to the Singularity, 'The Eschaton', the 26,000 year Mayan Long Count, The Apocalypse, (Nostradamus), or the end of Kali Yuga. Meantime, social networking continues to be the glue which binds global consciousness to the Arab Uprising, Nuclear Safety issues, ecological devastation, Earth changing natural events, or whatever you think is of the utmost importance. Back in the moment, whatever happens next, the future isn't written, at least not on any kind of a personal level, but just in case, catchup on some headspace from the Bard;
We've given away the first 3 parts of the series. You're welcome to view and share but unfortunately
no further permissions can be given for rehosting on
YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or other video hosting sites. Just link to the original YouTube file, or download the HQ .mp4 file/s (208MB) from our server and all will be well!
Please support independent moviemakers by respecting this.
We recommend you join the forum on the link below to stay up to date with releases; http://www.cognitionfactor.net/forum/
Question: Who are We?
Answer: We are Anonymous!
Thanks for logging in and Enjoy the show!
Headspace Studios
Tweet us your pleasure: @webtrance
Like us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/TMOM2012

iTerence: The Digital McKenna, Terence Initiative

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art: Tim Parish, The Journeybook anthology


The Digital McKenna, Terence (DMTi) Initiative

I, Terence is an experiment to bring alive the spirit of psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000)  by harnessing existing content in the public domain, his talks, ideas, videos, photos, geo-mapping, etc, with the Lifenaut system of AI intelligence into a functioning Avatar interface.

The platform is designed for multi-users to submit content that will eventually aggregate into a personality matrix ("mind file"). It's all experimental but the foundations are there: Lifenaut is a not-for-profit company with good intentions to explore this new AI modality, and all content is retained for ownership by the original makers.  The platform will hold the content and resynthesize with an AI interface, it will learn and grow in useability to enable an interface with the public and the spirit of Terence's ideas, perhaps eventually synthesizing new contours.

Tuesday April 3, 2012 is the 12th anniversary of Terence's passing and the launch of the beta-version of the iTerence project, aka the Digital McKenna, Terence Initiative (DMTi)... We ask the global psychedelic community to  crowdsource any bootleg talks, podcasts, images, text, etc. from Terence. This is a non-commercial, open-community project that in essence aggregates existing content Terence has left us into a new, more useable form.

The Lifenaut system is still in early development in that they are not pulling data or metadata from video, audio or text yet – but this is something they are working on,  trying to develop algorithms to extract ideas and voice synthesis from video and audio. We reinterate that they are not capable of doing this presently, although by aggregating this content now we will be positioned to work with it when their system is able in the near future. People with relevant skillbases  wishing to donate time and expertise or money to Lifenaut may help speed this process to fruition.

At the moment we believe the power in the project is in training the virtual Avatar. After 1000 lines of conversation that digital Terence Avatar starts to become coherent. We  have been spending time training the iTerence Avatar by feeding it interview question and answers and quotes from existing talks. The Avatar is still relatively incoherent, but it is getting there. Every day we work with it, it is increasingly more responsive. At the moment only a generic male voice is possible, but we hope that a closer simulation of Terence's voice will eventually be possible from learning from the audio samples.

HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT > Joelistics open source video callout

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The Joelistics ‘HEART REMAINS OPEN’ Video Project


Australian hip hop artist JOELISTICS (Elefant Traks) is teaming up with Word Travels, Verb Studios and YOU to make an ‘open source’ video for his song ‘Heart Remains‘ – a sprawling spoken word journey into the Australian landscape and culture.

Watch the video call-out below:

HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT > video callout from Verb Studios on Vimeo.