Undergrowth FAQ: Publishing a blog/article

Undergrowth.org Publishing a Blog/Article FAQ Step by Step instructions to publishing a blog or an article on Undergrowth.org 2) Log in to Undergrowth using your username and password. 3) Go to 'My Workspace' in the left column. 4) Where it says 'add content' you can either scroll down on the button which says 'select' and choose a kind of media, or click the button 'add new item' which will take you to a page with info on each item. 5) From here, choose 'personal blog' as your media to upload. 6) You will come to the 'Submit Personal Blog Entry' page. There are a series of fields to be entered into. I will describe them here. -Title: Obviously this is the title you wish to call your work. -Path alias: as described this is the URL it will come under. Generally leave this blank and an automatic path alias will be created by the website. -Magazine Content Images - unless you image is a apart of a specific Undergrowth magazine, leave this section -Undergrowth Project: Select 'Image Gallery' so that your work will appear in the Gallery section of the website. Pressing the Apple key (on a mac) you might also want to post this to 'Freshly Sprouted' - to indicate that it is new site content so that it will appear on the bottom left block on the main page. -Tags: This indicates which sections of the gallery the image will appear in. We have created a number of fields, but if you have any suggestions for more, please email me (Tim Parish) at art@undergrowth.org and I can create more. -Body: This is where the main article can be cut and pasted from your text edit program into the new page you are creating. This is the easy part. The web page also allows you to place images from the gallery (which you may have previously uploaded, or may do now through 'image assist') and hyperlinks to other website in the body of your text, or at the end. a) Placing images in an aritcle/blog: Click on the picture of the image with a + sign just under the 'body' block. This will lead you to the 'image assist' page. Have patience, sometimes it takes a while to load.... From here you can either upload a new image which will take you to the 'Image Upload' seciton -read relevant FAQ) or you can create a link from the gallery to your article where the image will appear. You do this by scrolling through all of the image titles until you find the one you want. Once you click on it, a preview will appear in the top right corner of the window. And on the bottom half of the page a few variables you can choose. These should be fairly self explanatory. The simplest way to do it is to choose 'original' size for image. Then 'show code' which you can then cut and paste into the body of your text at any point. Voila! The image will appear. Any more complex coding (such as making the image a link to another site for example will require you to choose 'html' as the code and then replace the address it supplies in between the "quotation marks" with any others. b)If you do want to make a hyperlink to another website, this is the secret html code, passed down from coder to coder. Undergrowth Replace the section in the "quotation marks" with the website you wish to include (including the http:// bits) and where it just says 'Undergrowth' will be the word that shall be displayed as an active button. -Input Format: This is really only needed if you want to add links to other site's or images in your 'description' area. -From here you can 'preview' the page or 'submit' and your work will go through to be published or moderated, depending on your access priviledges. General Users of the site will need to await approval from an editor, while people with 'Contributors' access can publish directly to the site. -Download: You may also attach files to your blog's or articles which can be downloaded when the person has read your article. This could be a relevant PDF or larger image file (such as a poster) which you would like to offer people the chance to download. We hope that helps you clearly understand how to publish blogs/articles on to Undergrowth.org Any further questions please write to art@undergrowth.org or editorial@undergrowth.org and we will respond with more explanations. Happy publishing! Undergrowth Editorial Collective