Undergrowth #7 - NOMADOLOGY - Melbourne Book Launch - Thurs 23rd Nov - St Jeromes, Melb CBD



"Here we go, kids.

Breathe in a lungful of petrol fumes and take flight, high on fossil fuels.

Scatter now, travel is cheap - but it won't be forever.

What if we are the last airborne generation?"

Undergrowth & Dislocated.org presents the Melbourne launch of the Undergrowth #7 - Nomadology at St Jeromes on Thursday 23rd November, with the support of Uber Lingua.

Crossing from the personal to the political, local to global, Nomadology is an anthology of anecdotes, gonzo journalism, personal confessions and political reflections by digital gypsies on the nature of travel in a globalised world.

From the central Australian desert to the red light districts of New Delhi, Nomadology features stories that range from hitch-hiking across the USA with a pyromaniac gulf-war veteran to body-bagging in Thailand after the tsunami, travelling toSwitzerland to meet the discoverer of LSD, meditating in the blue mountains, getting arrested in Mexico and more.

The book is a selection of the best stories, articles and photos from the Undergrowth's on-line Nomadology blog project( http://nomadology.undergrowth.org)which employs a unique interface designed by web designer and co-editor Nicolas Low of Dislocated.org. The blog allow contributors to post the coordinates of the location they are writing from and creates a map of the journey they have taken. The final stories have been chosen from over 200 entries and presentsthem as a beautiful, limited-edition pocket-book published by Undergrowth.org.

"It's a great idea and it works. As a collection of blogs, the writing is fresh, personal, and accessible ... Undergrowth have also done well in their selection of contributors. They are sensitive and intelligent, able to draw out the interesting political / social / moral nuances of their experiences." from a review on The Program. (http://www.theprogram.net.au/featuresSub.asp?id=4144 )

Nomadology features the writing of Rak Razam, Phil Smith, Miriam Lyons, Andrew Lowenthal, Laura Ayers, Miles Allinson, Dominic Allen, Ben Praccus, Tim Parish, Nicolas Low, Dan MacKinlay, Rod Baker, Saskia Anderson, Sam Hoffmann, Beth Sometimes Jonathon Arrow and Charlotte McCabe, and was edited and designed by Tim Parish and Nicolas Low.


When? Thursday 23rd November 2006

Where? St Jeromes, 7 Caledonian Lane, 6pm – late.

From 6pm, St Jeromes will come alive with readings by some of the writers from the book and a digital slideshow of photography from the website followed by music from the amazing Uber Lingua Sound System. (http://www.zonar.net/uberlingua/ ) Featuring back-to-back DJs, live performances and a host of local and interstate guest MCs, Uber Lingua brings the multi-lingual flavour with mutated international hip-hop, gypsy dub, bar-mitzvah electronica, Middle-eastern, Latin and Aboriginal beats.

With readings from 7-8pm featuring: Rak Razam, Nicolas Low, Phil Smith, Dominic Allen, Sam Hoffmann and Tim Parish.

Tunes till late by Potato Masta, Mashy P,, Trevor Brown (Gypsy Dub Sound System) and DJs: bP (RRR), Monkey Marc (Combat Wombat), Raceless (Curse Of Dialect), Sakamoiz and many more.

For more information about the book or to obtain a copy to review in media, contact:

Tim Parish – art@undergrowth.org or Nicolas Low – nic@dislocated.org