Undegrowth Magazine #6 - Random Molecules - Call For Contributions

Random Molecules title Random Molecules is an upcoming issue of Undergrowth Magazine, where the theme is chaos and order itself. From gravity to entropy, the quantum to cosmic, science shamans to chaos magik, political powerplays to psychedelic activism, free radicals and spiritual anarchism - what are the random molecular patterns in the universe? Basically we wish to throw the deck of cards in the wind and see where they land. We are now seeking contributions of art, photography, creative writing, jourrnalism, video, music ; you get the idea... nothing is forbiddden everything is permitted... Random Molecules title Random Molecules is the first issue of the Undergrowth magazine we will produce using the possibilities of our new sites open publishing abilities, so there is no dealdine per se. Accepted material will be immediately published live on the Undergrowth site and collected in a full colour limited edition thanks to the support of sponsors: www.grownfuel.com A selection of work will also be invited to exhibit as part of a Random Molecules Exhibition in April/May. Now accepting contributions to Undergrowth #6 -Random Molecules contact: editorial@undergrowth.org ~ art: art@undergrowth.org ~ contribute@undergrowth.org {Lets Play}