"The Greatest Democracy On Earth" and other myths...> by Tim Parish

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"The Greatest Democracy On Earth" and other myths...

Analysis of the US Federal Elections

by Tim Parish

Editor, Undergrowth.org

As the US Election draws to a close, the rest of the world has to just watch and wait as the self described "Greatest Democracy On Earth" continues to be one of the worst representatives of the democratic process of all western nations - although it does create fantastic political theatre... With the global economy in freefall, Republican Party (or GOP as they like to call it there - "Good Old Party", seriously), candidate John McCain has spent the last few weeks of the campaign trying to talk about anything else. They've linked Obama to Bill Ayers of the radical left wing group The Weather Underground from the 60's in millions of dollars of paid advertisment (actually I highly recommend the documentary about them which came out a few years ago to understand where they actually came from and what they represented). Although Obama was eight years old when all this took place it was enough for them to try and pin the dirtiest word in America on him; terrorist, and apparently this was shouted out at various Republican campaign rallys. They've compared Obama to a pop star (Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to be exact). He's been called a socialist by the "pitbull with lipstick" Palin (her words) and McCain having said what I think is one of the worst quotes of the entire campaign; "America didn't become the most powerful nation on earth from spreading the wealth around...". Oh really...

It goes on; Obama has been called a Muslim by right wing pundits, although former Secretrary of State Colin Powell rightly denounced the concept that there was anything wrong with being Muslim when he decided to jump ship from the 'Good Old Party' and endorse Obama wholeheartedly. But my favourite propoganda piece is probably the one which McCain and his crew of media henchmen simply called "The One" (embedded below) in which they seem to imply that Obama's rise has an almost messianic tone to it...


Of course, being the party that tries hard to curry to the fundamentalist Christian vote in America, you'd think that someone who acts and talks like a good Christian would be hard to criticise. The problem they are suggesting is that Obama is too good, and therefore might actually be the antichrist which wackos have been waiting to appear for a long time. No joke. There are so many blogs and Youtube pages devoted to this now that CNN even did a story on it. Scary thing is, there are nuts out there who do take this seriously and they all vote for the 'Good Ol' Party'.

At least when the left makes fun of McCain using religious iconography, they know they are taking the piss such as in this clever series of animations about the Two McCains.

Now, getting past all that bullshit, it might be easy to think that there are only two candidates going here, but that's just because no one pays attention to the others in the mainstream media. In fact, former Democrat Cynthia McKinney is running for The Green Party in ths US and has some great opinions on a range of issues that rarely get discussed, centring constantly on the issue of stolen votes and electoral machine errors which threaten millions of voter's integrity. She's not the only one. Although most of the main media companies have been following Republican Party's accusations about community voter registration group Acorn as the "greatest threat to the fabric of American Democracy" - McCain, Journalists Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have written a story for Rolling Stone Magazine, about the nature of people being taken of the electoral role. They have also created a video and a comic book called "Steal Back Your Vote" detailing how we people can challenge this scenario. So on side of the fence we have people trying to register new voters and making mistakes and on the other side we have people being taken off the ballot as quickly as possible. Seems to me like this whole 'non-compulsory voting thang' causes a lot more problems than just electoral apathy.

Meanwhile CNN has reported record turnout for early voters as encouraged by Obama in the last few days with up to a fifth of the electorate voting by monday. CNN also mentioned the problems with voting machine inconsistencies, but passed them off as having been fixed by this week... and while CNN is lot better than anything like the shite that is Fox News, they still seem too scared to make a real stand on this dangeorus issue. Meanwhile, independent media channel Democracy Now, who reports that 45% of the US electorate is now forced to use these Electronic Voting Machines has found widespread issues of 'voteflipping' from one candidate to another have come about. Wired Magazine (a fairly good source for technology) has also reported that the Electoral Voting Machines are a piece of shit. And in the most high profile indictment of the possibilty of digital electoral fraud, The New York Times has now officially endorsed cancelling electronic voting due to constant voting errors.

And finally, to finish on a story that no one has covered as far as I have seen, Barack Obama might be the only American politician I have ever heard who has actually mentioned the reality of the Native American peoples. This video from his website outlines what sounds like a hints at an apology in the not too distant future similar to the recent Stolen Generations apology here in Australia. About time.

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