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The UFO > by Tim Parish



acrylic on canvas

Tim Parish 2008

This painting was inspired by recent readings on the nature of the UFO phenomenon which link it to some kind of psychic manifestation rather than a physical vessel from outer space. I've always been interested in the concept that if extra-terrestrial species were to visit our planet, they would be more likely to do so as astral energy bodies rather than in metal spaceships but Carl Jung explored this psychological query of the UFO phenomena in his book Flying Saucers written in 1959. He suggested that they were more akin to symbolic manifestations of the human unconscious, projected into reality as collective hallucinations. This theory was expanded upon greatly by psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna at a number of speeches and his books 'Archaic Revival' and 'True Hallucinations'. Here are few quotes from the latter:

"I believe that the transpersonal component of the human psyche is not distinct from matter and that therefore it can literally do anything. It is not subject to the will of any individual. It has a will and an understanding that is orders of magnitude more sophisticated than any one of the individuals who compose it as cells compose a body. It has a plan, glimpsed by individuals only as vision or religious hierophany. Nevertheless, the plan is unfolding.  There will be many more UFO sightings, many more close contacts. Our belief systems are undergoing  accelerated evolution via increased input from the other."

"Somewhere ahead of us there is a critical barrier where we will at last have enough data to obtain an integrating insight into the riddle of humanity's relation to the UFO. I believe that as this happens the childhood of our species will pass away and when this is done we will be free to use the staggering understanding that humankind and the UFO are one.
It is the genius of human technology to master and to serve the energies of life and death and time and space.  The UFO holds out the possibility of mind become object, a ship that can cross the universe in the time it takes to think about it.  Because that is what the universe is--a thought.  And when thought becomes mobile and objectified, then humanity--novices in the mastery of thought--will begin to set out."

"Of course we may discover that we are not to set out; the future may reveal instead that there is something out there calling us home. Then it will be our technology and the call of the Other that will move toward meeting.  The saucer is an excellent metaphor for this. When Jung suggested that the saucer was the human soul, he was more correct than he may have supposed. It is not so far away. That is the other thing.  The last shift of epochs gave us relativity theory and quantum mechanics.  Another epochal shift looms, but whether or not it is the final epoch is hard to say.  Our roles as parts of the process introduces an uncertainty in our observations that bedevils prediction."

(True Hallucinations, Terence McKenna: pages 199-203)