The Terence Mckenna OmniBus - Chapter 1 - "Who am I?"

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12 minutes
12 releases
12 months
We're giving away the first in this series of previously unseen rants by Terence Mckenna. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality.
The 12th, and final release, will be somewhere between the 12th-21st December, depending on the degree of quickening.
In December Terence will utter his 2012 predictions. Yes, this footage really exists, as does other unseen stuff that will provoke and astound you.
Each 'episode' or 'chapter', will deal with a specific subject.
In Chapter One: "Who Am I?" The unfolding of the Mckenna Mojo begins..
Early releases details will always be found on the Cognition Factor Forum here.

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