The Sexy Tractor mural in Lijiang, China

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The Sexiest Mural in Lijiang's Sexy Tractor Irish/Naxi Bar



Hanging out in the beautiful old town of Lijiang in the Yunnan Province of China with my friends Jun and Simon, we became friends with the owner of an Irish/Naxi Bar called 'The Sexy Tractor'. After a few games of darts in which I drew a piece on the chalkboard I managed to convince him to let us paint his walls in exchange for free drinks and rent in the upstairs loft where I am now staying.

tim painting the mural

Jun is a half chinese/laos/vietnamese stencil artist brought up in Canada whose graf title is Farmyst so he did the tractor stencil while I did the freehand part of the painting.

We finished the piece over many Cuban Mohito's and mango daquiris with Spoonbill, Cat Empire and Fat Freddy's Drop as the musical soundtrack over two rainy days while many travellers and chinese came and went. Some even offering me another job or two in the process...

Watch this space for a possible exhibition in the upstairs floor and two more murals over the next two weeks.


xx Tim

jun applying the stencil

Jun placing the finishing touch.

detail of the mural

sexy tractor mural detail 2

two details of the piece.

the proud fathers

Verb and Farmyst (Tim and Jun) the proud fathers of this little baby.

the chalkboard mural which got me the job
The chalkboard piece I did in the bar which impressed John the owner to let us do the painting.

outside The Sexy Tractor in Lijiang

Outside the Sexy Tractor in the beautiful stone streets of the traditional architecture of Lijiang Old Town on a rainy day in June.