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The Sensorium is a community-based mobile arts project, a multidisciplinary collaborative gallery, created to exhibit interactive media, visionary art and sculpture. It is an independent self-contained multi-media installation fusing entertainment and education and is set to tour festivals, expositions and events around Australia.

Surrounding a raised 11.11m geodesic dome is a 13 sided (moon cycle) exhibition structure displaying a large array of visionary art and illuminated sculptures. Inside is an expansive space with six video projectors covering the entire inner surface. Combined with surround sound and motion sensor technology this produces a completely immersive environment.

The Sensorium can accommodate a 100 person audience and can be utilised as a cyber gallery of visionary art, cinema screenings, workshops, lectures, VJ performances and motion-sound-visual experiments. The Sensorium Project aims to become an iconic and innovative multi-media platform - providing a unique exhibition space for many professional and emerging artists, developers and international special guests.



Project Manager / Creative Director:

Brad Izwoz Brad has over a decade of experience in organizing and managing music events, arts at festivals, and is an active artist in traditional and digital media: Head Technician: Gavin Seed Gav has a long involvement with screen media. He is the visual projections coordinator at Australia's impressive music, arts and lifestyle festival Rainbow Serpent, Victoria. As a popular VJ he travels around Australia to perform pioneering digital animation and 3D projection mapping at festivals. He holds a Certificate in Interactive Media, has taught 3D animation at university and is currently completing his PhD in interactive touch screen technology. Promotions Manager: Craig Matthews - PromoSapian Craig operates PromoSapian, an event promotions company. He is second in charge of Cairns Winter Solstice Festival, Earth Frequency Festival in SE Queensland, Deliverance Festival in NNSW and Island Vibes Festival on Stradbroke Island Qld.


Banner Art
Brad and Katie Izwoz  -
Gav Seed /Pixelogix -
Katia Honour –
Andy Thomas / Android -
Adam Scott Miller -
Daniel Miranti –
Linnea – Linnea Photography -

Illuminated Sculpture
Pixie Lou / Creatura -

Interactive Media and Motion Sensor
Jayson Haebich - Broken Pixel Productions -
Nano / Nathen Street -
Gav Seed /Pixelogix -

Internal Projections

VJ Material
Gav Seed / Pixelogix -
Shiptu_Shaboo -

Animation using 3D Chroma-depth glasses
Anita Muscaria – Delirium Tremens -
Jayson Haebich - Broken Pixel Productions -

Short Films
Krusty – Space Boy -
Beau Deeley – Worlds within Worlds -
Katia Honour + Daniel Miranti – Screening of entheo art DVD -

Coalessence – Heath Myers + Scott Baker -

Experimental Live Filming for Documentary
Sally Dennis -

Virtual Visionary Art Gallery
Izwoz –
Pixelogix -
Sylph Aeon -
Adam Scott Miller -
Daniel Miranti –
Katia Honour –
Andy Thomas / Android -
Phoebe Celeste – Mandala Dreaming -
Donna Raymond -
Ronny Simulacrum -
Linnea - Linear Photography -