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The Secret revealed! Of Snake Oil and Other Charmers

by Ralf

I had an interesting, if somewhat drunken, Earthdance. Given that it is the global party and day for peace, I spent the day picking peoples brains to further my understanding of why the resistance to war in this country is not growing with what has been going on. In some way I finally found an answer. In several separate conversations with people they urged me to watch "The Secret" to cast more light on things. In fact they were all saying the same thing. That to resist something will only give it more power and all used "The Secret" as an example of a cogent explanation to this theory. Luckily I had recently been given a copy of "The Secret" that I had not yet watched so it was obviously something the Universe was putting in my way. I have since watched it and am glad that people finally urged me into checking this out. I had no idea that things were getting so bad.

I guess I better start with a positive, as it wouldn't be right to bring anyone down with negative vibes. These guys are definitely getting craftier we have to tip our hats to them on that level. I have long wondered how long it would take for the establishment to get a serious handle on what we have been up to and start fighting fire with fire. Obviously this particular movie has a struck a chord with a number of people from the psychedelic world here in Melbourne. Indeed this makes sense since it draws heavily on the emergent spiritual theory that seems to be growing out of the Psychedelic and Quantum Physics worlds about the nature of reality and ones ability to control it and manifest it with ones thoughts. This idea is obviously becoming more and more of a driving force assisting in the decision making of people from our culture.

And as The Secret is one of the newest and freshest manifestos, in the tradition of What The Bleep Do We Know etc, about where such an insight can lead us in the way we live our lives it makes sense that it seems to be influential at the moment. Indeed it is actually produced and made by a team of people FROM Melbourne so another reason why it must resonate so solidly with people from this city. This theory and greater enlightenment that is growing is of course very exciting and I certainly understand and believe much of the framework and basis behind it. My own deep psychedelic sojourns have allowed similar teachings to be downloaded. However once receiving this enlightenment one must be cautious about where the logic steps then take us as to how we apply that in the practical physical world. And once 'THEY' work out we are onto this they will inevitably use it against us. And so they have with the production of this twisted abomination;The Secret.

Obviously the central 'truths' behind "The Secret" are in some way correct. As they have to be in order to coat the blue pill they are feeding us in it in a believable framework. The more believable the less likely we will notice the atrocious mind control going on in this pithy piece of propaganda. The whole premise behind the movie seems to have been to resubvert the Psychedelic enlightenment back into blatant consumerist, capitalistic, individualistic culture. They have certainly hit on one of the Ancient Laws of Attraction all right. That of Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted. Almost all of the premises are presented to show how to use these skills and techniques in order to amass more wealth for ONESELF personally and to make ONES own life a heaven at the expense of all else. The American Dream in a nutshell really.

That was really where this movie started to rankle me. A quote on the shows own website states; "Previous to what Rhonda had thought, she discovered there were people out there alive who were aware of this information. Actually, there were lots of them, and they were some of the world's greatest living scientists, philosophers, and authors. In every part of the world, different fragments of The Secret were being offered, to anyone that would listen. All that was needed was to pull all of the pieces together... Well it appears that every part of the world includes one Australian businessman and a veritable army of Americans. Amazing that the whole worlds knowledgeable people now happen to reside only in America. Or maybe it's just that as, by the movies own admittance, "The Secret" has been passed down in a direct lineage from the Babylonians (surely that was a clue guys Babylonians warmongering psycho's remember?) it was bound to be concentrated in the seat of world power. Or maybe they uncovered it recently in Iraq. After the helicopter assault camp, Camp Alpha, had been established at the site of ancient Babylon in 2003 and they had finished ethnically cleansing any of the pesky sand niggers in the area they uncovered it and returned it to all of us lucky westerners as a spoil of war.


At any rate the whole thing seems to be one of the first mass marketing ploys aimed directly at people who think in the more abstract ways that our community is known for. Drawing on the ground breaking popular media that was coming out of our underground in art such as What The Bleep Do We Know;The Matrix and even The Da Vinci Code in some sense. Repackaged and fed back into us quite craftily. On the face of it it's a great movie. It's only with a bit of research that one realises how ridiculous it is. The movie purports to have begun in 2004 when a Melbourne woman by the name of Rhonda Byrne discovered a book that sets her on this marvellous journey of discovery that uncovers The Secret. The books title is not mentioned in the movie but on the website it is stated as being a tome by the name of The Science of Getting Rich. This book is also remarkably available to purchase on the website along with numerous other items based on. The Secret. Now I don't claim to have read the book but from its title I would hazard a guess it goes something like Step 1. Start An Internet Marketing Cult. Step 2. Fleece Melbourne's hippy community as often as possible. Well that's science isn't it?

So who is Rhonda Byrne? Well she and three other like-minded 'souls' started up Prime Time Productions, the company behind the whole scam, after they left Channel Nine Melbourne. So they are certainly very cosy with the establishment there. But maybe they DID have a revelation and that's why they left Channel Nine to start their own company and they are not such bad guys really. Well Prime Time are responsible for some of our most craptacular shows in the Australian media sphere including Worlds Greatest Commercials and Great Escapes. Wonder if the whole The Secret scam will be winning a Worlds Greatest Commercial award in a few years time. Its scope is certainly quite massive. And one of the four founders, Rhonda's sister Glenda, spent a stint of time working for that great pinnacle of journalistic integrity channel Nine's A Current Affair. Brilliant when they are not busy trying to get rival networks reporters eaten by cannibals in the highlands of Papua they are telling the hippies in Melbourne not to worry so much about the direction the worlds taken and to just focus on their inner journey.

At any rate the whole show is backed up by a MASSIVE marketing campaign. The way they sell the DVD itself is like any number of self-help scams. Check out the main add at thesecret.com.au . I mean this is the realm of four AM infomercials. All the 'gurus' interviewed in the show are blatantly promoted on the shows main website with links to all the numerous projects they have on the go themselves. Here is just a small selection of some of the characters involved in this tripe: bobproctor.com, tradingedge.com.au, drdemartini.com, marcishimoff.com .

As well as the numerous side campaigns you can start shelling out your cash too the Secrets website itself has numerous spin off merchandise for sale. Fancy The Secret document scroll holder?? Only $49.95. Or how about a set of three Gratitude Rocks. Rocks that the show itself admitted were just picked up off the road or from a creek. Again low LOW price of $39.95. I needs to get me some of that snake oil.


Suddenly all the shows hype about using complex vibrational thought theory, or the Law of Attraction, in a shallow attempt to gain money, cars, partners etc starts to make sense. It's the age old marketing ploy. Indeed quite a lot of the premise behind what the show is saying seems to be a sort of repackaged Social Darwinism for the new age. We saw this very same thing used to pervert and destroy amazing theories in the past. Darwin's amazing new theory of evolution was perverted into the horror of social Darwinism by the Capitalists at the turn of the last century. Social Darwinists were able to convince the world that many atrocities were in fact okay because of the "Survival of the Fittest" law. This was an incontrovertible law of nature they argued therefore if you had a tonne of money and a little kid was starving down the end of your street you didn't really need to feel so bad. It was natures law you were just lucky enough to be fitter. You didn't need to feel any guilt just buy a new car there there. And thus all the imbalances of Capitalism began to become steadily more entrenched. Fast forward to now and we have the same argument presented in modern terms. Its almost blatantly stated by that Bob Proctor character at the start of the movie when he admits that 1% of the planets population earns 95% of the worlds wealth. He states on his website that its "So out of balance that its hard to understand unless you truly research and understand it". And where does this twisted logic lead them? That the new law of nature the Law of Attraction is responsible. That black kid starving out back is ONLY starving coz he has negative vibes man. He is bringing it all down on his own head. And your leading a fairly well off life because you are In Line With The Universe and are putting out Positive Thoughts man. Oh yeah and you were lucky enough to be born into a culture that has nukes and can make SURE that black kid keeps starving. Haven't we heard this logic before in the classic That girl was wearing a mini skirt and thus was ASKING to be raped. Seems a bit of a fallacious argument to me.

At least it allows people in a Capitalistic world to once again suspend morality and continue fucking anyone and everyone over for their own personal benefit. Indeed that is the other great flaw I see in this argument. It is so highly focussed on individualism. Do this and YOUR life will get better. Focus on this and YOU will receive something. These 'Gurus' have all grown up on the inside of a culture TOTALLY geared towards individualism. So no matter what cultural deprogramming they take part in to gain there insights, Prayer, Meditation, Psychedelics, they will still have traces of this culture ingrained in them. One wonders what a similar 'documentary', focussing on people who are coming to the same conclusions about the "Law of Attraction", but who grew up surrounded by a communist culture would come up with. Coming from inside a culture totally geared to the reverse, the surrender almost of all of ones self to a hive mind collective that was communism at its zenith, what conclusions on this Attraction theory would they be arriving at?

And this brings me to one of the most insidious parts of this movie. The Secret of the World as the movie calls it. This really was the clincher. The punch that was well and truly hidden away in this movie. And the reason that people were bringing the movie up in arguments AGAINST resisting genocide and war. Again it was hidden amongst truths so the argument appeared attractive but it was really a steaming pile of horse shit. An excuse to do nothing in the face of something massive. It offered the amazing assertion that one should NOT resist at all the things that are patently crap about the world at the moment. As this would only feed into them. The astonishing assertion was even made by one of the "Teachers", one Jack Canfield, that the Anti Drug movement had fuelled the ever increasing amount of drugs in the world. Because it was a movement OPPOSED to something it had increased the prevalence of that thing. Well sorry mate, maybe it has to do with the fact that most of the people behind the "Anti Drug movement were corrupt ho's that were selling drugs just as fast as they were whacking up "Say No" posters. THAT'S why the Anti Drug movement failed. It was never intended to succeed in the FIRST place.


And then the movie launches its real stinger. It states that the Anti War movement had CREATED MORE WAR!?!? It even used stock footage of the Anti War movement of the 60's as it made this assertion thus linking a negative image about the resistance to this new claim. Hmmmm There were mistakes yes and it did take 10 years but the ANTI War movement of the 60's and 70's forced a super power to fucking disengage from Vietnam!?!?!? I think that's a success. And if there were more such movements in more countries I think you would have a harder time starting some of these conflagrations off. Obviously this time round the state has been very clever about launching this war. It had the media empire primed and ready to roll. We saw that with the flashy War On Terror logos and America Under Attack logos that were appearing within 30 minutes of the second plane hitting the second building. And they were obviously ready to deal with any rumblings from the hippy/psychedelic culture that had nailed them during the cold war. What better idea than make them think that rising up was actually the ANTITHESIS of their beliefs.

Hide it amongst their OWN literature. Although in this case they didn't really hide who they worked for very well. It only took me 10 minutes and Google to uncover who they all were. The real super bomb of this attack on the anti war movement was this amazing statement from one of the teachers Esther Hicks. Again it had a ring of truth to it but was concealing a very nasty sting. "So let the variety of your reality thrill you as you get to choose from among it those things that you're wanting. And when you see something that you want in your experience think about it. Find the feeling place of it. Get inside of it, talk about it and write it down. Write a script about it. Make it your reality by becoming a match to it. And when you see those things that you are not wanting in your experience, do not talk about them. Don't write about them. Don't join groups that worry about them. Don't push against them. Do your best to ignore them. Remove your attention from the things that you do not want while you give your undivided attention to the that things that you do want. Brilliant idea. After a decade of being told to Question All Authority and Resist Wherever Possible, now all we have to do is ignore the psychopaths all together and be totally self absorbed instead. If were lucky this will make sure there is no organised anti war resistance coming out of the psychedelic 'left' and may even kill off Labour Unionism as well. Don't join any groups that worry about yours or anyone's social well being folks that will only lead to war and pestilence!

Our enlightened teacher Esther works for a group called The Teachings Of Abraham. I'm guessing that she is most probably Jewish. You would think with that heritage you would be extremely cautious about urging the sort of shit that she is in that above statement. There WAS a country where quite a lot of the population, indeed most of it, chose to ignore something because it was too evil and too massive for them. That's right folks you guessed it Germany. And there was this small embarrassment of a pack of psychos known as the National Socialists, maybe we forgot them. So really we should be applauding the Germans of the 1920's and 1930's. They were in fact spiritually advanced as they chose to en masse ignore the more insane aspects of what the Nazi's were proposing and just focussed on the great side of their little movement. Maybe we should all ask our Jewish friends how happy they are that the vast majority of Germans, indeed most of the world, chose to ignore that 'Unpleasantness'. Although by this logic the Jews themselves brought the whole disaster down on them by their own negative thoughts. I know the stereotype of a Jew can be that they have Self Hatred issues but really 6 million of them hated themselves THAT much!?!??!!? Sorry if that's stretching the plausibility boundaries.

They then try and set up an argument about how you should always term things in the positive. Now I do think that that is an important thing to try and do in most aspects of life. But not to the extent where you stop calling a spade a spade. Setting something up in opposition to something else is fine. Just because something is Anti does not make it evil. Just as things that are Pro are not all good. This John Canning character in the movie goes on to quote Mother Theresa saying that she made a statement to the effect that she would never attend an anti war rally but only a pro peace rally. Well I have done a search for that particular quote and as yet can not find where she said it and in what context. After a Google search for it I found reference to it only on two private blogs again with no sources listed. Indeed one of the blogs uses it as a launching point for a discussion on the Law Of Attraction using so much similar terminology that I can only assume his source of the quote was the movie itself. If someone can direct me to where the source of this quote is I would be very interested.

Regardless she most likely did say this but she also said the following in her 1979 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. I was surprised in the West to see so many young boys and girls given into drugs, and I tried to find out why - why is it like that, and the answer was: Because there is no one in the family to receive them. Father and mother are so busy they have no time. Young parents are in some institution and the child takes back to the street and gets involved in something. We are talking of peace. These are things that break peace, but I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing - direct murder by the mother herself." So obviously her benchmark of what constitutes a war is quite complex. Maybe too complex for her to fully appreciate the aims of the 'Anti War' movement.

At any rate one of the most PRO PEACE people I know is my Father, a member of the US military. He truly is. I can tell that he is totally sincere that he believes what he supports will assist in bringing about world peace. His belief was that Thermonuclear weapons were the one true path to world peace. The threat of MAD, utually Assured Destruction, and the balance of power of the Cold War was the serious path to ensuring no more wars on the planet. Unfortunately the concept of the cold war crumbling or the new threat of asymmetric warfare (do I hear a 767 slamming into a high-rise anyone?) hadn't crossed their minds yet. onetheless that is what one group of Pro Peace people believes. Forgive me if it's a radical idea of mine but the concept of thermonuclear weaponry, is to me at any rate, a HIGHLY negative vibe. So all the whinging rom some of the "Teachers" about don't be anti this be PRO that really doesn't hold up to closer scrutiny. More excuses from more filthy rich Americans.

So there you have it. My take on The Secret and why it should not in ANY way make us doubt that Australia's psychedelic community should be forging serious links to a wider and very strong, unashamedly ANTI War movement as this thing spirals into greater conflict. The lesson from The Secret is also that they have obviously finally worked out the pulse of our culture. They have managed to get a finger onto one of our buttons and so from now on we will have to be far more vigilant as more of these slick hippie doco's come out. We will have to check and double check all sources very closely. The sharks of a new type of evangelism are obviously circling on the outskirts of our community and we should immunise ourselves against this. Otherwise in a few short years we will all be dropping acid and heading off to an Anthony Robbins convention instead of an Earthdance.

The ideas and concepts behind the Law of Attraction theory really are groundbreaking and bear much more investigation. As more of that information comes to light though, we will now have to carefully sift out the crap that gets thrown in the way to try and confuse us and lock down the Matrix again. The Secret is one of those that can safely be shelved alongside our Goebbles collection.

Editor's note: These statements are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Undergrowth's position. Social Engineering of culture and yes, Virginia, the counter-culture is an age old tool, made all the more immediate in this age of "information war". Yet while trying to control situations everything has an equal and opposite reaction often unforseen by those who manipulate.

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