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From the foreword by Nick Chesterfield, author of 'Secret History of Australia'

'After many years of actively fighting for justice in many struggles, I kept on coming up against the same bunch of very powerful people, time after time. I started to doubt the story of the heroic settlement of our Land, and started to think that maybe the wish to take over went back a long way. To think that the British managed to colonise a country only eighteen years after it's discovery dug at me. I started finding out about the foundations of the particular people in control and started to look into the historical events that I suspected were manipulated by these people.

One day a Sufi man started talking to me about the legend of Ophir, the legendary Islands of King Solomon, the lands full of gold, and something clicked into place.

This then, is the full story of the hidden facts and power brokers, the Secret History of Australia, laid bare for all to see and understand.'

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