The Power of Fragility > by Gerhard Hillmann

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Human matter

The power of fragility is a Human Matter
Hand-Y-cap. This image represents the delicate relationship between humanity and the natural environment. The hand shows the strength, power and weakness of the human race.It acts as a reminder, showing we are not beyond the universal laws, which are responsible for all living things.The capsicum is a symbol of the organic world we are trying to control and the colour red is a warning to all those curious. The power of fragility is knowing how sensitive and strong life is.


Mr Kazu Kawasaki a designer from Japan and a judge in the Nagoya International Design Competition had this to say regarding the art piece Hand-Y-Cap.“As opposed to works that expressed mere fragility, works that directly proposed some problems or works that challenge us were selected in this competition, themed fragility. In the beginning,this work made me feel sad some how. My first impression was that a handicapped person is deliberately exposing his/her own handicap. I even felt disgusted. However, I came to realize that the provocative expression inspiring such strong feelings to viewers is the attraction of this work.”
Poe-tae-toe 660

cross our fingers

Lets cross our fingers and hope they (genetic scientists) know what they are doing?
The twisted carrots remind us of fingers crossed behind our backs.(promise)

The carrots grow underground and out of sight (secrecy) just like many of the experiments happening in the world today. We live in a time of uncertainty and a time when humans have reached the ability to alter the blueprints of life.

Cross our fingers shows a twisted mutation of carrots and fingers spiralling like DNA strains
into the unknown.

Cross our fingers is a link in the foodchain (fingerfood) and food for thought. Cross our fingers is a glimpse of what is possible but we don't all look forward to.

Fish Finger 660


Tuna-Leaf 660

Because we are mortal, the search to extend the human life continues. Now we have the knowledge and power to change the genetic structures of all life forms. However, by playing with these fragile threads of existence a lottery on life has started. Do we have the right to alter the genes of life forms to suit our desires not knowing what the consequences will be?