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Trespassers wouldn't understand.


If you take thought as a tangible thing, imagine the clouds of thought hanging about our heads.
Imagine the roof of thought-fog hanging over our cities.
Beginning as a murder mystery the story unravels until it gradually unveils the origin and purpose of an organization so esoteric that it doesn't even have a name.

Lars Yenin is an overworked family man, who never gets enough sleep. When he loses both his job and family, he lies down to sleep and doesn't wake up. The mysterious coma continues for years. Two weeks into the sleep, another man who looks identical to Yenin arrives and takes over Yenin's life. Within a short time, he becomes a world-famous occultist.

This new Yenin never sleeps at all.

Chaz Darf is a sorrowful emigrant whose only enjoyment in life is art. Most of his days are spent smoking cigars on the front steps of the block of units where he lives. Nobody knows anything about his life before he came to Australia.

When Chaz goes missing, and murders of seemingly supernatural circumstances take place, the police are left with only one clue: Chaz's paintings, which clutter up his unit. Every painting is of the same subject: a beautiful but deformed woman. That's not much help, though. What the police need is the help of an expert in the occult --- they go to Lars Yenin.

The Man Who Never Sleeps is Levin A. Diatschenko's first novel, a blend of metaphysics, mystery and science fiction. Since its launch in the Darwin Fringe Festival, followed with its nation-wide distribution, it has attracted an underground following of readers as diverse and individual as the characters in the book.

During the months of August and September, The Man Who Never Sleeps will be released in a serialised form on, featuring new illustrations by the author throughout. Readers will be able to subscribe to a special email list to receive updates when new chapters are uploaded weekly at

A preview chapter of the book's prologue is now available. Read the prologue here.

The revolution begins at breakfast!


Darwin-based Diatschenko's first novel instantly exposes the promise and talent we can expect from this young Australian. -- Mary Polowski, STU Magazine.

From vampires to sociological questioning, The Man Who Never Sleeps moves in a sequence similar to a dream, wherein the plotlines, characters, and their development is in an eternal state of change. --- STU Magazine.

Starting out as somewhat of a thriller, the plot of The Man Who Never Sleeps quickly changes with various characters playing narrator, each more bizarre than the last. -- STU.

If you like your books starting with a murder mystery, developing into a kind of gothic horror, but with metaphysical links back to society and a little black humour on the side then The Man Who Never Sleeps is for you! - ”Jan Goldsmith, Published Or Not, 3CR.

It deserves to sell to alienated urbanites the way Harry Potter sells to snot-nosed brats.-”Briohny Doyle, Voiceworks Magazine.

Plus it's got vampires. Intrigued? -”Briohny Doyle, Voiceworks.

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'The Man Who Never Sleeps' is also available in hard copy and can be purchased on-line through Paypal.