The Green Spin Is In

The Green spin is definitely in as companies scrabble fo a piece of the sustainability and eco-friendly paradigm sweeping the world as it reacts to climate change. This ad is a textbook example of the spin-doctoring: ostensibly selling a pair of "Earth Shoes", the by-line emphasises they're "different. Like you." And you can show you care about the environment and save the world all by purchasing some footwear!  The company does promote social and environmental responsibility, and does make a fine product. What's interesting is the wave of 'greenwash' from advertisers we're all going to be deluged with as everyone scrabbles to find a green niche, and the parallels that will be drawn to the natural world by hyper-capitalism. Just look at the above pitch of a modern day Eve in the garden holding up the new temptation: eco-friendly products. Who'll bite?