The Bohemian Masquerade Ball > 26th April > Northcote Uniting Hall


'i dreamt of a burning beauty, in the cold theiving hours all my people rallying round one another spiraling into their heights, in a beautiful burning evening'
the night is something between a liquorice kiss and a friendly molotov cocktail... the bohemian ball will leave you dizzy and nauseous with inspiration and bravado with two stages running throughout the night featuring bands from all over the incestuous boho scene of melbourne, brisvegas and paris, local short films, dance troupes, chai tent, kurdish food, fire acts, poets, robots, crazy elves, samurais.
It will be a Brisbane storm, with some of the heaviest reigning bands coming down for the ball the funkjazz aficianados 'Kafka' and the soul, groove good lipped lingustics of 'Mr Laneous' and a mighty show for the heavy weights of Dub the 'Dynamic Thrills'.
'Matt Kelly & the Keepers' the rock experimental group getting high rotation on audience emotions.

'The Barons of Tang' The Gypsy Death Core; "we'll play at 4am till dawn with a bottle o tequila at Renaissance Festival" tango punkos will be there.

SOUP the beat maestro from MISO (R.I.P.) will be playing in the distillation hours of the evening.

'Pete & the Old Tar Gang' a theatre-'Don't go down to the woods' Edgar Allen Poeish group will be causing a white knuckle jazz stare ruckus.

Tom Woodward the folk blueser will be playing as well as Genevieve's angel voice and harp along with half a dozen other acclaimed solo musicans....

oh yeah, wear a mask - it's a masquerade ball.

(face painting available at event)

once again:
The Bohemian Masquerade Ball
7pm  26th April Northcote Uniting Hall 251 high st
15 smackaroos kiddos