Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement

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Telestreets - The Italian Media Jacking Movement from Verb Studios

Telestreet is a short film documenting the vast network of close to 200 micro TV transmitters that have sprung from Italy's vibrant political counter-culture. Telestreet has grown in opposition to media tycoon and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's control of close to 90% of the daily audience. But Telestreet also reaches far beyond this, linking up with video distribution on the net to create new forms of media production and social activism to challenge the media monopolies. Check out the Telestreet website for more information.

Credits: Directed by Andrew Lowenthal

Edited by Tim Parish

Produced by Andrew Lowenthal and Tim Parish

Music by Combat Wombat

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In the spirit of the tactical media praxis of Telestreet the documentary was put together using simple and easily available consumer technologies (shot on a digital stills camera with no microphone) and distributed freely online through, new tools that are radically democratising media production.

Since being uploaded in January 2005, Telestreets has recieved over 2000 downloads, screened in a number of festivals and DVD compilations around the world including:

Indymedia Newsreal (US)

Exploding Television Festival (Netherlands)

OK Video, National Gallery of Indonesia (Indonesia)

Datafighters DVD (Spain)

Transmediale (Berlin)

Houston Indymedia (US)

Memory Grid at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image as part 777 compilation (Aus)

Lost Film Festival (US)

Mas alla de la TV (Andalucia, Spain)

Test Transitions (Centre For Contemporary Art, Glasgow)

Globale 06 (Germany)