Tasforests > by Heidi Douglas

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This short film by Heidi Douglas and Jacob Primo is a political nature documentary. Without narration it takes the viewer on audiovisual journey through the forests of Tasmania, into the heart of the clearfelling of old growth trees, and through to the resistance of young forest blockaders attempting to prevent the destruction.

Visit: www.tasforests.green.net.au for more information.

About the creator: Heidi Douglas is an independent filmmaker who has been making documentaries about the logging of old growth forests around Australia for many years amongst many other important contemperary political issues. She is one of the Gunns 20 , a group of community organisations and individual organisations which have been sued by the corporation Gunns for their community activism against logging of old growth forests in Tasmania.


Produced and Filmed by by Heidi Douglas

Edited by Jacob Primo Music by Slym-E

Director: Jacob Primo

Production Company: ActiveEyes

contact Information: Heidi Douglas -