SPOONERISMS exhibition @ Lentil As Afrika

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SPOONERISMS exhibition at Lentil As Afrika On Friday the 4th of August 2006, the first SPOONERISM's BYO ART exhibition was held at Lentil As Afrika in East Brunswick. The night was a spontaneous art happening featuring photography, painting, illustration, printmaking and sculptures by over a dozen artists from Melbourne's creative fringes, including Paul Kalemba, Lucas Maddock, Michael Chu, Tim Parish, Antonia Green, Daniel Worth, Andrew Timmerman, Kia Maddock and more. SPOONERISMS is the first in what is envisioned to be a regular 'open wall' art salon at Lentil As Afrika, held on the first friday of every month. Undergrowth artist Antonia Green, who curated the exhibition, said she wanted to evoke the salon style art gallery from the early 20th century Paris where the walls would be filled with art from floor to ceiling with new artworks from the bustling creative community that existed in that city. SPOONERISMS exhibition at Lentil As Afrika 3 Lentil As Afrika is a new restaurant, cafe and creative art space, the fourth in the anarchic Lentil As Anything organic resaurant chain which has sprung up around Melbourne in the last few years. The Lentil philosophy is radically communitarian, supporting art projects, cultural events, refugee fundraisers, spoken word and open jam nights regularly at their venues - but most uniquely the Lentil restaurants have a the pay as you feel price for all their meals. To contribute an artwork for exhibition, contact Antonia Green for more information. Oceania 'Oceania' by Tim Parish Pan 'Pan' by Kia Maddock Extinction 'Extinction' by Antonia Green Bedroom Awakening 'Bedroom Awakening' by Andrew Timmerman SPOONERISMS exhibition at Lentil As Afrika 2