Spirit Molecule documentary Australian tour

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Undergrowth.org  and Entheogenesis Australis   present the 2010 Spirit Molecule documentary Australian tour, with screenings across the country in December followed by talks with the writer/director Mitch Schultz. Tickets are AUD $23/20 concession, and advance bookings are recommended.

All tickets sold through www.greentix.com.au  see dates and links below.

Listen to an interview with Mitch Schultz, the writer-director here:  



The Spirit Molecule documentary  

(75 mins, 2010, written & directed by Mitch Schultz)

After over 40 years of dormancy, a new psychedelic revolution has emerged.

At the nexus of this next-generation mystical revival, lies a molecule naturally produced abundantly throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. Regarded as the world’s most potent psychoactive compound by scientists and psychedelic explorers alike, dimethyltryptamine (or DMT) is also naturally produced in the human brain.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted the first government-sanctioned, human psychedelic research with DMT. Dr. Strassman’s research serves as the narrative backbone for The Spirit Molecule. A documentary described as a psychedelic Baraka meets What the Bleep do We Know, the film presents an intriguing discourse on the science of the soul, and will undoubtedly open Pandora’s Box. By challenging current misconceptions about this class of compounds, The Spirit Molecule unravels fascinating parallels in neurology, quantum physics and human spirituality.

In stylized scenes reminiscent of Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone bookends, Joe Rogan (Fear Factor), alongside an impressive collection of accomplished minds and a group of Strassman’s own brave psychonauts shepherd the audience through the great unknowns of the DMT experience... revealing the molecule’s ubiquitous nature, its role in our culture, evolution and life itself. Stunning visualizations and highly conceptual imagery intuitively weaves a visual landscape, and a fascinating snapshot of our understanding of consciousness today.

Could Dimethyltryptamine, a simple molecule with a complex name, hold the key to understanding reality, consciousness and our relationship to both?

Many who have experienced DMT profess this, and much more...


With an exclusive 20-minute short film, "Surfing" by Verb Studios (Tim Parish), narrated by Rak Razam and soundscapes by Buttons Touching, based on the book Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey




Wed December 1st, 9pm to 12pm
P: (03) 9349 5201
380 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053

BUY TICKETS here:   http://www.showclix.com/event/14882/



Wed 8th December 7pm - 1030 pm
45 St Pauls Street
Randwick  NSW  2031
T: (02) 9399 5722

BUY TICKETS here:  http://www.showclix.com/event/14883/


Tuesday 14th December 7-10pm
Tribal Theatre
346 George St
Brisbane, 4000
T: (07) 3211 5880

BUY TICKETS HERE:  http://www.showclix.com/event/14884/



Thursday, 16th December 7-10pm
Byron Theatre and Community Centre
69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay
T: (02) 6685 6807

TICKETS for Byron on sale exclusively from this website: