Speeding Ticket by Curse ov Dialect

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Curse Ov Dialect portrait CURSE OV DIALECT have a sound as diverse and inclusive as their cultural backgrounds (Maltese, Macedonian, Indian, Maori, and Pakistani). Combining a multitude of sounds from all eras and styles, (these guys sample some obscure and esoteric material!!) quality beats, turntablism and production sensibility and unique flows with a lucid political flavour, Curse ov Dialect tear the hiphop rulebook to pieces and step beyond, creating avant-guarde hiphop opera.

In their standout live shows that border on performance art, they deliver their monstrous sound with a punk-rock aesthetic, hyper energy, mad costumes and a refreshing playfulness. These guys keep it (sur)REAL!!

Speeding Ticket is from their debut album "Lost in the Real Sky", which is out on Mush (America/worldwide) and Valve (Australia).








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