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Space Time Machines - Darwin poster SPACETIMEMACHINES > motion pixels in the shape of: > Pirate television stations in Italy > power hungry decepticons in search of uranium > microbiotic life on Mars > direct actions in the Central Highlands > squat art galleries in western suburbs > big brother and the death of reality > glitched out commuters > metaphysical hip hop in the northern territory > indymedia mash-up essays > Aboriginal guerilla newscasts > Ginsberg poetics > military entertainment complexities > aliens in the outback > an artist in love with a discontented muse > and a few doses of spiritual molecules...

SPACETIMEMACHINES> DVD launch and screening of motion pixels by media artist Tim Parish, founder of Undergrowth Magazine. A 2hr collection of shorts, music videos, and short documentaries. SpaceTime Machines is a 2 hour collection of works by Darwin born writer, artist and filmmaker Tim Parish.


Parish explains the title of his compilation; "Over the years 've come to think of cameras as a kind of time machine because they allow us to travel back in time once a moment has passed. The spatial fluidity of the motion picture is something even more immersive. It allows us to record space and time, cut it up, remix it and then rebroadcast, filling the walls with our imagination. I see each of these films is a kind of new invention playing with technology, a space time machine."

The films in the program span Parishʼs eclectic interests in the possibilities of the video/ filmmaking medium, ranging from short films to animation, music video to political documentary fuelled by beats , samples and motion graphics. A willingness to experiment with the form is a key factor that unites the videos in the SpaceTime Machines compilation. “ These films cover a wide range of styles and techniques I have experimented with over the last few years, from the political to the poetic, experimental to hip hop, playing with sampled footage to shooting live action with actors, - so there is definitely a lot of variety over the two hour compilation.

 Over the years, Parish has also collaborated with musicians from all around Australia, including Darwin artists such as Kris Keogh (Blastcorp, Justin Moon (Chuan) and hiphop collectives Culture Connect, none of which he says have yet been screened in Darwin, so this will be there premiere. Other videos feature music by Gondwana, Combat Wombat, DJ Shadow, Beethoven, Yum, DJ TR!P and Enduser.


In his documentaries produced while working with SKA TV's Access News and Oceania Indymedia, Parish has covered politica issues as diverse as the Aboriginal tent embassy, the logging of old growth forests, media activism, stencil art in Melbourne, and uranium mining, each with a unique style and form not often used by mainstream documentary incorporating influences from experience as a VJ and freelance video artist. "Some of my work is really a cross between documentary and music video, because I'm trying to make the material more attention grabbing for an audience raised on clever editing and visual effects. The so-called MTV generation. Then on the other extreme I've produced minimalistic films experimenting with the visualising soundscapes, what I think of as moving paintings."


Tim Parish grew up in Darwin and studied Fine Art at the Northern Territory University where he was also the editor of the student paper The Delirra before becoming interested in filmmaking. He then studied Media Arts at RMIT in Melbourne, where he also learnt documentary while producing a community television show called Access News. Since then he has produced a body of work that dances inbetween video art and documentary, music video and short film. His work has been screened in festivals all around the world, including Electrofringe and Wild Spaces (Aus), Ok Video (Jakarta), Transmediale (Germany), Docomania (NZ), Democracy Now (US) and more. As a freelance video artist, Parish has also exhibited work in a number of experimental ways, “I have worked on a whole lot of unconventional ways to explore the potential of digital video, from installations in art galleries, live video mixing at parties, theatre with shadow puppets (at last years Darwin Festival for the show Diburu Waktu), and with mobile projection units (which I will be doing again in the Melbourne Fringe Festival this year).” Many of Parishʼs films can be found on the internet where they are hosted as part of independent media art publishing channel he has helped to create called Undergrowth. org which Tim describes as Ê»a nexus point for art and creative activism.

On the possibilities of online video distribution outlets for independent producers he says: "I am fascinated with the power of new, affordable technologies such as the video camera and the laptop to democratise the process of making media. Some of my work explores the issues of media control, other talk about ways of circumventing it, and others merely enjoy playing within the possibilities of the medium." 


Natural Intelligence with music by Culture Connect

Indymedia Video Essay

The Black GST

Uranium featuring music by Yum.

Central Highlands Blockade > produced with SKA TV

Telestreets: The Italian Telejacking Movement


Also on the DVD:

The Muse (2000) - music by The Hot Club The Visitor (2001) - music by Gondwana Spaceship Earth (2002) music by Combat Wombat The Empty Show (2002) - music by DJ Shadow Military Entertainment Complex (2003) - music by Beethoven Landscape Painting (2002) videopoem ftg. words by Alan Ginsberg The Drift (2005) - with rhymes by Tim Parish and Fergus Inbetweening (2004) music by Blastcorp Reality (2002) Big Brother and the death of reality Pi (2002) music by Chaun (NT) Crumbs (2003) music by Chuan Mars - (2004) video clip for DJ TR!P (SA)

Available separately: The Oracle (2004) - short film with Sam Hoffman, Claire Wren and Dominic Allen based on the writings 'Eat This Information, The Simulacrum and The Oracle publishged in Undergrowth Magazine. (20 mins)